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Does Hell Really Exist?

No one talks about it in public. It is unpleasant and uncomfortable to discuss. It is that place that no one wants to go to, but where the saints have had visions that were full of fire, darkness, and agony. This place has several names; Gehenna, Hades, Tartarus, but most commonly today, it is named Hell. Father J. Godfrey Raupert tackles the topic in Hell and its Problems. Ask most people today, and they will say they don’t believe there is a Hell or that is just for the really, really “bad people” but as long as they aren’t that “bad” then they won’t go there after death. Unfortunately, that isn’t even close to what the prophets or Jesus taught us about in the Bible. Jesus was very clear, the faithful servant will be welcomed into the house, whereas the unfaithful servant will be punished. Jesus also in the parable with the 10 bridesmaids who were not prepared, missed the Bridegroom and were left outside the wedding feast. We too must be prepared, face the fact that Hell does exist and learn the ways to avoid it all together.

Most world religions have a place like Hell

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Christians are not the only ones who talk about a hell. Actually, all across the world, many civilizations and religions believe in different forms of hell, as a place for the damned. But just ignoring or believing it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make it not real.

God is good, so why hell?

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True, God is good, but like a father who corrects his children, God gives us so many opportunities for repentance and forgiveness. When reading the Bible, we read multiple times where God punishes his people for disobedience. So it is not unreasonable to believe those people had to go somewhere because they wouldn’t have been welcomed into heaven.

Mortal sin requires punishment

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We talking just about “simple” transgressions due to human weakness, but sins with intent and malice. We all feel just in saying God will punish those eternally, but where do they go if there is no hell? All mortal sin without reconciliation is a transgression against not only a person, but also God. It also doesn’t mean those simple transgressions should be overlooked—we must go to Reconciliation and receive absolution for our sins.

We are not robots

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Unlike robots that are programmed what to do—pick up part, place on top, screw it on—we have free will. It is our choice to follow God’s Law or not. Therefore, God doesn’t send us to hell, we are the ones who choose heaven or hell.

It is too late after death

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Many will argue there is time to repent after we die, but remember the parable that Jesus told of the “rich man and Lazarus” (Luke 16:19-31), the rich man in Hell asked Abraham to send Lazarus back to warn his brothers about the torments of hell so they may turn towards God before they died. Abraham’s answer, “If they do not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” Do not delay and repent today!

Hell isn’t only real, but horrible. It is worse than the worst nightmare that you could imagine, multiplied by a trillion. Father J. Godfrey Raupert covers the issues with those who deny Hell’s existence and points out the truth of Hell and its Problems. Be ready to defend against those who are promoting the views of universalism, and limit God’s love for his children by believing there is no eternal punishment for those who are lukewarm. Instead call upon the fire of the Holy Spirit and avoid Hell and all it’s problems.