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Dogs Are Better Than Cats Because They Are a Reflection of God’s Love

One of the best things God ever created is the dog. It is the opinion (NOTE: I SAID OPINION AND NOT DOGMATIC TEACHING OF THE CHURCH. DON’T COME @ ME BRO) of this EpicPew writer that dogs were given a special purpose by God––to reflect God’s love. Here’s some ready why:


One of the more obvious pieces of evidence for this is the way DOG is spelled. It is literally a reflection of GOD. YES, I KNOW THIS ONLY WORKS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. DON’T COME @ ME. God knew at the moment he created the dog that, when the English language developed, his new creation would be called God spelled backwards.

Unconditional Love

Dogs love unconditionally. They will do anything for their owner. It does not matter if the human is horrible to them; they still want the human’s love. Likewise, God does not care how much we sin or do things that hurt. He loves us all the same. Another reflection of God.

Joy at our return

Whenever their humans come home, dogs start wagging their tail. Some even jump for joy. God is even more excited when we return home. If God had a tail, it would wag when a sinner repents. He even jumps for joy when you walk into a Church for Mass. God is always excited when we show up. A mirror of God.

Always there for us

One of the best aspects of owning a dog is the companionship they provide. When we feel lonely and no one is there for us, dogs are there for us. They will love us and be with us. In the same way, God is always there for us and will comfort us in our loneliness and sorrows.


Dogs are just flat out adorable. Humans are attracted to their beauty. The source of all beauty is God, and “God is love” (1 John 4:8). Therefore, the beauty of dogs has its source in God’s love. Reflection of God? Yes.

In conclusion

Dogs are a reflection of God’s love. Therefore, dogs are better than cats.

St. Roch, pray for our dogs!