In his weekly video, Father Mike encourages viewers to think of alcohol as a gift. But while alcohol is a gift, it’s not a gift to be indiscriminately taken in. He goes on to say that the classic English dons can teach Catholics today quite a bit about drinking.

“Chesterton, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis – they drank in a way that would help them live in the moment. They drank in a way that would help them savor the pleasures of the body that God has given to them. They drank in such a way that actually bonded them more because it didn’t distort the goodness of that moment, the goodness of themselves, and the goodness of alcohol.”

Catholics are called to enjoy the good things the Lord gives us. But we’re also called to glorify the Lord with our alcohol consumption. So the next time you’re drinking, don’t forget to give the glory to the Lord – and raise a glass to the English dons.