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Don’t Give Up too Quickly on Friends

It has been said we live in a throwaway society. People throw things in the trash or recycle bin we no longer need. We do it with the latest trends and we also do it with ideas. It is sad when we do the same thing with people in our lives. This happens in relationships with friends, family, and others. Sometimes it is necessary to move on from a bad relationship. However, it happens all too often that people give up on others. They give up on them without giving them a chance. Here are suggestions as to why it is good to give others a second chance.

It is in imitation of Christ

Christ spoke reached out to those who were abandoned and without friends or resources. He specifically reached out to the marginalized. Marginalized people are often those who have been rejected and hurt by life in many ways. Sometimes through no fault of their own they have been cast aside. When we give people a chance to be heard, we are imitating Christ. This is good practice which shows our patience with others.

Imagine if the tables were turned

It is a good idea to imagine yourself in the same place as a rejected person. Jesus did the same thing in the gospels. He healed and cared for those who felt alienated from other people. He understood what they felt. If we were in the same position as a person in a bad place, we would ask for help. We would hope that someone would care and reach out. This is a good lesson for all of us.

Our salvation depends on it

Over and over in the gospels, Jesus spoke about the way to heaven. Part of that road involves forgiving others and in helping those in need. In Matthew 25 Jesus separates the sheep from the goats and the criteria is the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. When we exercise virtue and love toward others we identify with Christ. In this identification with him, we are walking with him. This is the road to our salvation when we not only know our faith, but we live it. Not giving up on a friend is a way to exercise virtue.

These are just a few ways to offer yourself to others and not to give up on them too quickly. Exercise patience, love, and care for everyone you meet. It is not easy, but we are called to intimate Christ and follow on the path of love each day.

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