Don’t be “That Guy” – Personalities to Avoid in Sidewalk Counseling


In the pro-life movement, there are many different personalities and styles when it comes to sidewalk counseling. Some are effective and some are not. Everyone’s heart is in a good place, but that does not mean that everyone is cut out for the sidewalk.

The Preacher – He’s the guy who preaches a fire and brimstone sermon, usually on a bullhorn, from the sidewalk. Because all women want to run into the arms of a guy who is yelling at them to “repent or go to hell.”

The Butt-inski – This guy’s got nothing going on where he’s standing, so he’s gonna come get in your space and see if he can get in on the turn-around.

The Screamer – These people just like to hear themselves talk…very loudly. They aren’t even saying anything good, and they won’t shut up. And when you scream, people scream back. Now it’s just a big screaming match. Yeah, that woman is definitely going to turn around and choose life.

The Sign Holder – These people cling to their signs like Clint Eastwood clings to his guns. They hang the signs around their necks. They pin them to their clothes. They are not gonna put those suckers down. Prop up a sign? No way!

The Statistician – They seem to know every statistic associated with abortion…and they are going to tell every woman walking in every single one they know. Post abortive suicide rate? They’ve got it. Rate of infertility after abortion? Check. Risk of infection after an abortion? Got it! Breast cancer risk? Screaming it from the rooftops. Rate of post-abortive substance abuse? Know that like the back of their hand.

The Score Keeper – They have had 13 saves this week, and they are the bestest sidewalk counselor of all time… I mean, not that they are counting or anything.

The Pray-er At-er – These people pray at women, as loudly as possible, instead of praying for women. “Let’s pray a rosary together…as loud as possible…I mean, let’s basically yell the Hail Mary’s…cause that’s not weird at all.”

The Costume Designers – You may have seen these guys. They wear costumes out in front of the abortion facilities. Maybe it’s the bloody doctor’s coat. Maybe it’s a grim reaper costume. Either way, it probably doesn’t scream “I’m a nice guy to talk to.”

This was written in good fun. But, if you fit into any of these categories, maybe some training is in order. I believe everyone has a role in the pro-life movement. Not everyone can talk to the heart of a woman who is about to walk in for an abortion. Not everyone knows how to reason with a man about how he needs to take charge and save his child. Everyone has a gift in this movement. Everyone has a job to do. Maybe it’s praying publicly in front of the abortion clinics. Maybe it’s volunteering at a pregnancy center. Perhaps it’s lobbying on prolife legislation or it’s taking care of children in the foster care system.

Whatever you are being called to do, it’s time to get busy. With one in three women having abortions in the United States, we all need to find our place in the fight to make abortion unthinkable. Learn more at my apostolate: And Then There Were None.



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