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Dos and Don’ts of Lent

Lent is a time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It’s a time we’re to grow closer to the Lord and deeper in our faith. As we wander through the desert like Jesus did, we trip up.

It’s true. We all do it.

Jesus didn’t have to get a kid to hockey practice during prayer services and dodge meaty luncheons at work. He wasn’t surrounded by social media and the pressures of our modern society.

Hold it. He kind of did go through all the same trials.

Jesus was held to a schedule (Mk 1:37). He faced temptation (Mt 4:1-11). He faced judgment socially (Mk 6:2-4 & Lk 4:28-29). Jesus was under pressure all the time (Mt 26:36-39). He’s just so much better at handling it.

So, maybe during Lent, we do want to wander through the desert with Jesus. By his example, we might do better with our own Lenten journey.

To avoid as many trip-ups as possible, here are some things NOT to do during Lent.

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Don’t cram in loads of filling foods on Fridays to make up for having no meat. And don’t stuff yourself with a veggie burger to satisfy that craving. Even though you’re technically not having meat, you’re missing the point.


Make your meals simple and don’t indulge too much. The idea is to deprive yourself of meat to remember and observe the season. It’s not for physical reasons but for your soul.

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Easy Street


Don’t give up something easy like a food you don’t like or something you don’t have often anyway. Your sacrifice isn’t very sacrificial if it’s easily forgotten.


Find something you will miss and think about daily, so you can be present in the liturgical season every day. Think of how much you’ll enjoy it once Easter comes.

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Don’t cheat when no one’s looking. It’s not about what others see; it’s about your own spiritual growth. Anyway, God sees everything so you can’t exactly hide it.


It’s better to hide your suffering as Jesus taught us (Mt 6:5-8). It’s okay to share with others what you’ve given up, but learn to suffer with grace so that only God sees you.

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Don’t treat Lent as a mere self-improvement season by giving up smoking, swearing, or carbs. Are you planning on undoing it all come Easter by ripping butts or swearing like a sailor? Lent isn’t a diet plan or a discipline.


If you need to self-improve and Lent is your boost, fine. BUT – couple that with spiritual push. Save your cigarette money and give it to the poor. Say a Hail Mary every time you even think of swearing. Make your diet a fast (that’s safe for you) and offer up a Rosary for the hungry every day.

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Giving Up


Don’t give up if you forgot or messed up a day or two or even a week in a row. Even if Lent is almost over and you haven’t done a thing – today’s the day!


The hardest day to start is the day after you stop. Buck up and hit the challenge head-on. Jesus fell three times. It’s okay if you accidentally ate a piece of bacon or forgot to pray. Start now – right now.

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