East vs. West: Walk For Life


The First Walk For Life

If you are pro-life and you have never been to either the West Coast Walk For Life or the March for Life in D.C., it’s time to put them both on your bucket list. Right now is that time of year when pro-lifers start making their plans to head to either coast for a pro-life good time. One is held at our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. and the other is held in San Francisco, CA. Both are held during the same week, but not at the same time. It is possible to do both every year, but sometimes that may not fit into your regular schedule. Either way, I 100% recommend going to both at some point in your lifetime. They are both amazing with two completely different experiences to offer, but here’s a comparison between the two, showing off what makes them unique and great!



The first March For Life was in 1974 in Washington DC. Several politicians first put it together, but an inspiring woman named Nellie decided to make it an annual event. She decided that an annual march would be held until Roe V Wade is overturned. Since then, the March For Life has been an annual pilgrimage for pro-lifers to stand for unborn in front of our nation’s politicians. For more information, visit; MarchForLife.org.


The March For Life West Coast got its start in 2005. They started out with 7,000+ people showing up at Justin Herman Plaza to hear inspirational speakers and pray for the unborn. Eight years later, they are still going strong and growing in numbers. In 2014, over 50,000 people showed up to make their voices heard. For more information visit; WalkforLifewc.com


East Coast:

If your heroes are politicians, then this is the place for you. To kick off the March, pro-life politicians get on stage to give a short testimony and promise to vote pro-life. They are quite inspirational and get the “troops” pumped and ready to march. Everyone is very friendly and everywhere you look it’s a sea of youth. It’s very uplifting to see so many young people taking a stand and creating awareness for life.

West Coast:

Personally, I prefer this march. The primary reason is there is more of a spirit driven vibe. Nothing against politicians, but I prefer hearing the testimony from clergy, pro-life leaders, and other women affected by abortion.


Actually, the pro-choice protester turnout is pretty pathetic for both. California has a slight edge. They probably get twice as many pro-choicer supporters showing up. There might be 30-50 in Washington. The protesters in California are much more entertaining as well. They wear some pretty crazy outfits and have some pretty creative chants that really make no sense. I would also say most of them are there to yell about something other than the pro-choice agenda. They also like to throw in gay rights, poverty, racism … as if any of those things are our fault.


East Coast:

(Keep in mind, I am from Texas) The weather is not pleasant on the east coast. It is cold, so you better bundle up. If it rains or snows that makes it twice as miserable. The awesome part is that it doesn’t slow anyone down. So buck up, bring your hand warmers, and let’s show Obama how much we love all life.

West Coast:

It’s awesome weather. Not too cold. Even when it rains, it’s not so bad because it’s California. Every time I have gone, the weather has been one of the best parts of the experience.


East Coast:

The March is definitely not the only thing going on in Washington DC during this time. There are rallies and prayer visuals galore. Groups like Students For Life invite guests to speak at mini-rallies that are held all over the area. There are concerts before and after the March. There is also the Rose Dinner to conclude the March For Life festivities. All you have to so is show up. You’ll find something to do.

West Coast:

Sadly, there isn’t much other than the March. If there is, I don’t know much about it. But that’s ok. It’s still awesome and San Francisco has a lot to offer on it’s own.

Other Awesome Stuff To Do

East Coast:

You’re at our nation’s capital for crying out loud. I think it is in your best interest to hit up as many museums as possible. All the memorials an beautiful and quite moving. I was able to take my daughter ice-skating for the first time, and that was a blast. There are tons of great restaurants you can hit up. Washington DC is nice just to walk around and see what you can find.

West Coast:

Where do I start? I love San Francisco. Get some hot chocolate at Ghirardelli Square. Go to pier 39 and ride the merry-go-round. They have a wax museum that is pretty fun and a video game museum that I think is a hidden gem. Make sure you get some sour dough bread with some sort of soup in it. There are street performers and art galleries everywhere, and I am just talking about Fisherman’s Warf.

I Highly Recommend…

East Coast

There are two things you should definitely do while you are there. If nothing else, you need to go to the Holocaust Museum. It is an experience all it’s own. I don’t compare abortion to the Holocaust, but you will see a huge link in the lack of respect for human life and dignity. It is not something you enjoy. It is something you experience and take with you for the rest of your life.

I would also recommend stopping by the Dubliner Irish Pub. You can get some authentic Irish cuisine and maybe even dance a jig. The best part is that the who’s who of pro-life leaders will be there rubbing elbows. You will see people like Brian Kemper hanging out with a couple Monks and a politician. It’s a hoot.

West Coast

You have to hit up Alcatraz. I had my doubts, but it was awesome. It’s a fun tour of a prison with a very interesting history. I refused to do the nighttime “haunted” tour. Maybe you’re tougher than me, and can tell me about it if you decide to brave it.

My Overall Impression of Both

Personally, I prefer the west coast march. I like that it is more spiritually centered. The fact that it has grown so much over the years in such a liberal area gives me hope and inspiration. They never fail to deliver on awesome speakers. You can’t beat the weather, scenery, and the tourist attractions either. It really just fits my personality better. But, if you have never been to either and you have to choose one, you have to go to Washington DC. It is an experience like no other. Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder in a sea of pro-life people. I don’t know how our president and politicians can ignore that. It is obvious who wants it more. Every private Christian school in America should be loading buses full of their teenage students and taking them to the march. This is an experience that can change their lives. It sets a standard on how to make your voice heard. I love encouraging and empowering our youth. They are the ones who will revolutionize this movement. They are the ones with new and fresh ideas that will connect with today’s society. This is one of our biggest opportunities to pass the torch and teach them.

No matter which march you go to, you can’t go wrong. NO matter if you are single or married, Christian or Atheist, young or old, this is a vacation worth taking. I know that sometimes time and money can be hard to come by, but it you ever have a little extra of both, this is the place to spend it.


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