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Epic Gift Ideas for the Last Minute Shopper

Christmas is right around the corner. Some of us have finished the Christmas to-do list and checked it twice. But others have run out of time, spent too much money already, or are stumped on what to give that one person who has everything.  If you fall into the second category, don’t worry. There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy Christmas thanks to this EPIC gift idea list gift. Now you can connect with that special someone in a personal way.


1. Have a Mass for said for them

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Masses aren’t only dedicated to the dead, but they also can provide special spiritual strength to anyone. Dedicating a Mass for someone, maybe on their birthday or anniversary, is an awesome way to shower someone with spiritual graces during the year. All you need to do is call your local parish, their parish or even convent or monks who offer Masses and prayers for a small donation.


2. Share stationary and ask them to be your pen-pal

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Need a gift idea for someone who lives far away? Ask them to be your pen-pal! Write them a personal note, send some stationary and ask them to write back. Then throughout the year, write to them and hopefully they will continue to write back. With texting and twitter, we have gotten away from handwritten notes and letters from loved ones. Everyone loves to receive a letter in the mail! You can find beautiful stationary at a stationary store, card shop or even big box stores have isles with cards and stationary.


3. Rosary beads

Who doesn’t love a new Rosary! You can find a Rosary which features a saint they are needing prayers from, or one with their favorite color.  This rosary, which Venerable Fulton Sheen created as a World Mission Rosary, is a beautiful option!


4. Take them to lunch

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No one will turn down a free lunch, or at least one with a good friend. Lunch offers a great chance to catch up with someone, even if you may see each other everyday. It can be difficult to really spend the time to really focus on what is going on in their lives. Taking them to lunch will allow you that time to talk and connect with them.


5. Host a dinner party

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Maybe even better than going to lunch, is opening your home and having friends or family over to have dinner after the Christmas season is done. The holidays can be so busy it is difficult to connect with people who are coming and going to different parties. Having a party of your own can allow you to have fun with friends outside of the pressure and rush of the Holidays. Still looking for something you can put under the tree for Christmas morning? You can make a special invitation wrapped up as the gift.


6. Bake some Christmas cookies

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Since not everyone can bake or decorate, this gift idea might not be for everyone. But if you have that talent, share the love! It is awesome to get a dozen or so of home baked and hand decorated cookies. If you have kids, have the kids decorate them and give them to grandparents, aunts and uncles. They will love it – even if it ends up being more of a mess than anything.

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7. Bottle of wine and glasses to share

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Christmas is time to get back to basics and connect with people. Share a glass of wine and some laughs with a friend. Sometimes our greatest gift can be our time, especially in a season where we are always too busy and on the go. Slow down, take a couple of hours and really reconnect with someone. Go to a wine shop or even the grocery store to find a good bottle. Glasses can be found at any department store or kitchen store.


8. Prayer Journal

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Wrap up a pretty journal and a new pen, and give someone on your Christmas list a new way to pray! There are templates you can print and put in a binder, prayer journals which help them through the steps of Lectio Divina, or you can give them a blank journal to allow them to write their own prayers. Journals are great places to write down prayer intentions for the year. The next year, they can look back at how those prayers were answered! You can find journals at a stationary or book store, a Catholic gift shop, or at home if you decide to print it out.


9. A Bible

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Who doesn’t love a new Bible! Bibles get tattered and written in, which makes it easy to find and reread well loved passages. But there are times when it’s nice to read a verse or chapter without any marks to glean more from the passage.

You could also find a beautiful illuminated Bible which brings the words to life through art, or a children’s Bible so they can share the Bible stories with their families. There are so many options, with the same beautiful stories. Stop by your local Catholic Book store to find one quickly.

Want to find a unique Bible for that special someone? Check out the latest from Our Sunday Visitor – a Catholic journaling Bible!


10. Memberships to a Holy Society

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Like having a Mass said for someone, donating to a Holy Society will be a gift of prayers for a certain amount of time (week, month, year). For some societies, the name of your loved one will be written in a book. Perhaps a candle will be lit for a period of time. But long after the candle is burnt, these prayers will help give your loved one long term strength and graces. You can look online for holy societies which provide prayers for different amounts and lengths of time.


11. Make a donation in their name

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Find a charity that supports a very important cause for that person (cancer, diabetes, heart disease), or one which gives food, water and gifts to children and families in need (Missionary of Charity, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Charities). Whether you give five dollars or hundreds of dollars, the person who’s name you donated in will feel extra special that someone else is gaining something in their stead. Look online for the best charities to donate to!


Any other ideas? Post them below and share other ways to give EPIC Christmas gifts and celebrate the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ!