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Hilarious Catholic Headlines You Might Not Have Seen


Bishop Wester demonstrates “The Claw” from movie Liar, Liar During Homily

Bish Wester imitates Jim Careys 'the claw' to congregation


Cardinal Ravasi Dares Cardinal Versaldi to Eat Own Hand

card ravasi dares card versaldi to eat his hand


Cardinal Sarah Falls Asleep Standing Up at National Prayer Breakfast, Open Mouth Snores

card sarah falls asleep @ natl prayer bfast


Cardinal Falls Asleep During Papal Homily, ‘Friends’ Move Him in Front of Communion Rail So Pope Sees

Cardinal falls asleep during litany of saints


Archbishop Cupich Smashes Least Favorite Part of Cathedral with Rubber Mallet

cupich smashes least favorite part of cathedral with rubber mallet


Cardinal Dolan Shows How to Fly with a Cape During CUA Commencement Speech

dolan practices flying during commencement


Pope Francis Demonstrates Size of Fish He Caught in Tiber, No One Believes Him

francis shows how big the fish was he caught in Tiber


Francis Blows Out Candles on Birthday Cake, Not Even His Birthday

francis surprised by bday cake - not even his birthday


Francis and Bartholomew Demonstrate Solidarity By Standing In Front of Huge Solid Wall

francis w bart ii


Pope Makes John Boehner Cry, Doesn’t Apologize

francis w boehner


Bartholomew Wipes Francis’s Cheek with Pope’s Cape, Strains East/West Relations

Francis w Bart


Pope’s Presser Broken Up by Phone Call from Mom, Has to Answer It

francis w cell phone


Francis Attempts Vulcan Mind-Meld as Boy Tells Him to “Live Long and Prosper”

francis w kid


Nuns Beta Testing New Way to Choose Mother Superior, Sisters Say “No More Jumping through Hoops”

Order of nuns beta tests new way to choose mother superior


Priest Blesses the Hell Out of Sedan

priest tries fundraising the old fashioned way


Troupe of Theatrical Dancers Goes Where Spirit Leads Them, End Up at Mass; No One Happy

musical theater dancers get confused, end up at mass instead of theater