EWTN Has an Awesome Game That Teaches Your Kid About Mass, Church, and the Catholic Life


EWTN is one of the best resources for Catholics and non-Catholics to go to for answers about faith, and they have never failed to amaze me with their awesome content. Recently, I discovered that EWTN has an online game dedicated to help kids learn a little bit more about saints, prayer, the Bible, (church insides) and even the value of life.

I give this interactive game two BIG thumbs up! I was on the site for almost an hour just roaming around and even learning things myself. I enjoyed it so much I made way too many Snapchats about it.

The game is set up as a small Catholic community which includes a church, school, post office, library, and homes.
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Your child will be able to click where ever he/she wants to go. I suggest visiting different homes. There they’ll find kids who invite them to see their totally decked out Catholic rooms. In different rooms there are different mini-games your children will be able to play (or if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy as well). From coloring books to learning about the saints, it’s awesome!

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But by far my FAVORITE feature is the church:

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In the church, your child can learn about the Sacraments.

Screenshot (13)


Oh, and did I mention that they teach you (I… mean your kid) what everything is called inside a church? — I totally knew all those things already..

From the Tabernacle to the name for the mini table where the chalice and paten are placed when not on the Altar; “credence table.” I totally knew that before I played…

Screenshot (10)


Another great feature is the bedroom of baby Grace. Her room, like the others, is adorned with a Crucifix but she has a book titled, “Before I Was Born.” It’s a picture book with some words which is perfect for kids just learning how to read or for read-along time with mom and dad. What I love about the short book is that it shows kids the sacredness of life.

Screenshot (8)                        Screenshot (7)


Overall, can you tell that I (a 22 year-old with no children of my own) love this game? The game is perfect for basically any age (including nerdy 22 year-olds), but I really want you to share this great game with your kids or your mom groups as well.

CLICK THIS LINK if you’re interested in playing:


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