Fifteen Feels of a Catholic Feminist

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  • Dario Latini

    Great post… But Why St. Thomas Aquinas? He wrote in defense of women (for example to avoid that man left his wife). He wrote against the Aristotele view of women like misbegotten men( Summa Theologiae, Ia, q. 92, a. 1, Obj. 1.). And he wrote the beautiful phrase: “It was right for the woman to be made from a rib of man. First, to signify the social union of man and woman, for the woman should neither “use authority over man,” and so she was not made from his head; nor was it right for her to be subject to man’s contempt as his slave, and so she was not made from his feet.”

  • deltaflute

    Actually per your definition, you don’t truly believe in feminism. You say that you don’t believe in the “social” equality of men and women when it comes to the priesthood. That’s what feminism is: the desire for women and men to be in or have access to the same social roles (and economic and political). What you actually believe in (and what the Catechism actually teaches) is complementarianism. That is men and women are created with equal dignity and personhood, but have different and complementary gender roles. Some people try to say that complementarianism is like a new feminism or difference feminism, but most feminists would disagree and place complementarianism in a different category.

    This is the main reason why I dropped labeling myself as a feminist. While I believe that women should have a voice in politics, be given the same wage, etc., I also acknowledge that most feminists don’t hold to the same traditional gender roles that I do. This is contrary to Church teaching.


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