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14 Things Catholic Students Think During Finals Week

1. Finals week is here. You’ve increased your Adoration hours in hopes that it will affect your grade. 


There’s such thing as divine intervention, right?

2. But you keep falling asleep during Mass because of studying-induced sleep deprivation. 

Guys, I’m just sleeping in the spirit.

3. You spend time frantically searching for a patron saint of your final essay. 

Saint Jude anyone? Patron saint of impossible causes?

4. Your friends are questioning how spiritual you’ve become this week. It seems like you’re always praying. 

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not flunk. He keeps me from lying down when I should be studying.

5. Your teacher keeps giving you strange looks as you sneak in a sign of the cross before turning in a paper. 

It can use all the heavenly help it can get at this point.

6. You’re tempted to use alternate methods to help you out, but cheating is a sin. 

Augh! My conscience!

7.  And it’s not so holy to have mean thoughts about professors, either. 



8.  You don’t know what would help more. Pulling an all nighter in the library studying or an all-night in a prayer vigil. 


9.  You have a new found interest in the virtue of hope. 

Job 17:15, y’all.

10.  After all, even Saint Thomas Aquinas was called the Dumb Ox. 

If he can end up becoming a doctor of the Church, then you can pass this final exam.

11.  You feel like all of your professors need to go to confession because of all the times they said this week was going to be ‘easy.’ 

But you said Chapter 13 had nothing to do with this final exam!

12.  You’re praying to Saint Anthony to help you find a table to study at in the library. 

So EVERYONE wants to study now?

13.  In the end, you may result to some desperate Catholic measures.

14. But you’re excited because soon it will be Christmas AND you’ll be free from these finals. 

Cause ain’t no party like a Catholic liturgical party, yo.