The First Week of Advent in GIFs. – EpicPew

The First Week of Advent in GIFs.


1. You walk into Church and see the Advent wreath. 



2. And then you face palm when the altar server lights the wrong candle. 


3. When the first notes of ‘Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel’ hit your ears.


4. And the priest wears purple for the first time since Lent.

5.  When you accidentally sing the Gloria in Mass. 


6.  When you get home and eat your first advent calendar chocolate. 


7. When you’re trying to focus on prepping your soul for Advent but all the Christmas songs on the radio are about commercial hype. 


8. Because everyone wants to skip Advent and get right to Christmas.


9. And you’re super pumped for Christmas but realize you have three more weeks of Advent to go.