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Five Reasons You Should Be Friends with Religious Sisters

Known for their good habits, sweet dispositions, and effervescent beauty, religious sisters and nuns are a remarkable gift to our Church. Their love of Jesus and their passion for sharing the Gospel (in whatever way their particular order does) is always a beautiful reminder of how the Lord works through ordinary, simple people to do his good work.

In my own life, I’ve been very blessed to grow up around religious sisters, many of whom have shown me great examples of faith, virtuous living, and the beauty of a life given completely to the Lord. Religious sisters have been very good friends to me, showing me incredible things as they are bright beacons of faith, hope, charity, and joy.

Here are five reasons to be friends with religious sisters.

1.  They have a great sense of humor

Seriously…go follow @onegroovynun and you’ll discover, really quickly, just how witty they are.


2. They are remarkable models of virtue 

Arguably the most famous nun in the past 100 years, Mother Teresa, was a woman of deep faith as she gave her life in service to the sick, poor, dying, beleaguered, and forgotten. Perhaps most miraculous of all: she did it while experiencing a dark night of the soul, not feeling the presence of God and thinking he had abandoned her. But she persevered, remained steadfast in her commitment, and gave the world one of the most shining examples of what it means to give your life to the Lord.


3. They pray for you

At my baby shower just a few months ago, I opened up a strange, flat box that wasn’t filled with typical baby clothes, a blanket, or necessary “baby survival items.” Instead, it was a framed picture of a prayer and Psalm, given to me by the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan, an order that has a few sisters living in my home diocese. I’ve become friends with many of these sisters, and they decided to give my new child a priceless gift: their thoughts, prayers, and spiritual support. That framed prayer is now hanging in our daughter’s nursery, a constant reminder of her spiritual cheerleaders. It’s 100% true: when a nun prays for you, it counts twice.


4. They aren’t afraid to be brutally honest 

Religious sisters have an uncanny ability to cut through the muck and mud and see things for what they are, and simply say it like it is. Whether it was the religious sister who called me out on frustration I was harboring in my heart toward a co-worker or the religious sister who told me that my shoes didn’t match my dress, their brutal honesty is refreshing in a world of passive aggressive comments and far too subtle remarks.

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5. They’re just so darn cute 

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Need I say more?

Go befriend a nun. You won’t regret it.