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These Gifs Perfectly Describe Every Confession Feel You’ve Ever Had

1. When you realize it’s been a while since you went to confession

EditingAndLayout shocked jon stewart shock what?


2. Then you start your examination of conscience and it’s not pretty

reaction fun nana grandma dissapointed


3. And you downplay how much you need confession

filmeditor christmas movies will ferrell elf you sit on a throne of lies


4. Looking through available confession times near you has got you like

help me


5. When you walk up to the confession line only to realize that it’s Lent 

beetlejuice waiting room long line


6. Before you walk in you realize you have to confess the same sins as last time

annoyed frustrated smh smdh shaking head


7. When you have to remember how many times you committed that sin

GIPHY Originals math numbers count counting


8. And it feels great to finally get them of your chest

Dr Pepper college football relief phew relieved


9. And what you think the priest looks like when he hears your sins

Barbershop: The Next Cut reaction annoyed ice cube calvin


10. But this is what he actually looks like:

welcome minions welcome back


11. When the priest gives you great advice

justin bieber bieber learning wisdom growth


12. And he gives you your penance

sad yes crying oprah nodding


13. When the priest, acting in the person of Christ, says: “You’re sins are forgiven.”

dance time floor plays napoleon dynamite


14. And you can’t figure out why people don’t go to confession all the time

Search Party funny comedy tbs dark comedy


15. All of a sudden you realize you’ve promised to amend your life 



16. But you still walk out of confession like

welcome home roxy carmichael