Guess What I Found In My Parish Library

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I poked around my parish library one evening. We’re lucky to have perpetual adoration and access to the library 24/7, but I rarely stop in. With school now ending for the semester, I am on a mission to read more. I picked out a few books and some other goodies! Here’s what I left with!:

1. A cornucopia of catechisms

cat1 cat 4

cat 2 cat 3

2. A donation bin…


3. …Full of books to fill this shelf

new books

4. A wall of Bibles


5. And Bibles with many years of love

old bibles

6. An activity for every day of the year

bible one year 365 mary

7. The trusty sign-out sheet

sign out

8. Statues lining the shelves


9. The Holy Family hangs out here, too


10. A place especially for Merton

thomas m section

11. And Saint John Paul II


12. A growing assortment of bookmarks and prayer cards

bookmarks prayer cards

13. And a whole lot of Matthew Kelly

matthew kelly

14. A Jesus postcard

postcard postcard jesus

14. A blast from the past outdated hymnal

old hymnal

15. A visit from these fine folks

mother angelica chest frb

16. Coloring pages of all our favorite people

coloring jp2 color mother

16. And a stash of yarn in the bathroom


Thank you to all the people who volunteer their time to keep parish libraries looking great! If you don’t have a parish library, consider getting some parishioners together to start one!


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