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10 Fun Responses to “You sure have your hands full”

Have more than 1-2 kids? Then you have heard “You sure have your hands full,” more than enough times. For the most part, I believe people are being friendly. But then there are the people with terrible timing. The ones that see you struggling and say something at the worst possible time. Not to mention the people with that hint of disapproval in their voice.

If you are tired of giving the same ole lame response, (“You should see how full my heart is.”, “Yes we are truly blessed.”) here are some better responses. You may not want to say some of them out loud, but you can at least enjoy them in your head or in polite company. (Oh, and some of these were given to me on Facebook. They are not all mine.)

“I want to make sure there are plenty of people who vote like me when I am gone.”

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“We’ll stop when we make an ugly one.”


“But have you SEEN my spouse?”

“Thank you captain obvious.”

“We are building an army for world domination.”


“It’s my only real talent.”

“Our TV is broken.”

tv broken

“I am addicted to being called Dad.”

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“We are still trying to figure out how this happens. Can you explain it to me.”

…and to quote Jim Gaffigan: “Yeah, but I can still punch you in the face!”


I know you guys have some good ones out there. Let’s see them in the comments.