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The Heavenly Bathrooms of the Vatican are Stunning

The internet has provided mankind with unparalleled access to a vast amount of information at his fingertips. One of the highlights of the internet is that it provides all the information that you need regarding places of relief when nature calls in or surrounding the Vatican. See where the bones of St. Peter lie, leap into a local loo, then catch a confession for your potty mouth all within walking distance of one another! What a wonderful thing to know and oh so very helpful.

The website containing this necessary and important information is found here:

I want to include the pictures because pictures always say more than words. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll recognize where they’re at when you go visit. You won’t even have to ask anyone. It’ll be like you’ve been there before. Amazing! Your spouse and/or friends will think you’re such a whiz at finding the bathroom every time!



Behold, the bathrooms at the Charlemagne Colonnade


Hark! The Constantine Colonnade Calls!







This one even has showers for the homeless, per Pope Francis’ request!


When nature calls, there’s St. Peter’s facilities ready for you. Just like St. Peter when Christ called him!



This restroom is on the roof of St. Peter’s! Rest easy being so close to heaven!


I’ve heard that Raphael’s Restrooms have toilet paper described as being “as soft as the clouds of heaven.”



The Sistine Chapel has pristine stalls!

Image result for The Sistine Chapel


If you’re curious about other bathrooms in or around the Vatican, check out that website above. There’s a plethora of need-to-know information to make your bathroom experience, and really, your in-general experience, of the Vatican the best it can be. Never have to worry about where the bathrooms are again!

Have peace of mind whenever you go to the Vatican and you’ve got to go!