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Here’s A Few Way to Give Alms During Lent (Without Going Nuts)

So we’re struggling to give alms. Calm down. It doesn’t just have to do with money. Instead, we are also to give things to those who are struggling. Here is a list of things to give to others.

Go through the closet and drawers. Outfits that haven’t been worn in years? Please give it to a charity that helps the homeless like St. Vincent de Paul.


With prom season approaching, it will be an excellent time to give away that dress to someone who can’t afford it.


This topic does not imply to getting an extra big mac to a beggar on the street. It can also be for those who are struggling with hunger.

Tip: Many parishes do a food bank. Find one that does and give them any extra cans of soups, fruits, vegetables, and other foods in the pantry unused.

Offer to go to the supermarket for an aging neighbor who is disabled.

Invite someone over for dinner or lunch. Whether it’s a family member, friend, co-worker, or even a classmate, it is great to share a meal with someone while sharing memories.

Collect baby items

Remember the myth pro-abortion supporters spread that pro-lifers don’t care about the mom and baby after birth? Well, here’s an almsgiving challenge to get them to go berserk. Host a baby diaper/clothing drive. Invite an essential worker from a pregnancy center to speak and share the vital role they play in helping moms and babies through generous donors.

Contribute to Church Collection

My favorite almsgiving practice is to collect loose change after getting food, drink, shopping, etc, and placing it in a bowl or jar. By Easter, I put it in a zip lock bag and place it in my church’s collection basket.

Remember, almsgiving is not just giving money. Rather, it is also sharing other tangible things with others.

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