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Here’s Why Panama City Should Definitely Be Your Next Vacation Destination

There are thousands of gorgeous places in world for the wandering vacationer to spend some time resting and relaxing. As you start budgeting our your next great adventure, you should consider Panama City as your destination – and here’s why:


1. It’s a modern city, but very historic

Panama City is a modern Central American city with plenty of museums, shopping, and world class restaurants. Any visitor would be remiss if they ignored Casco Viejo, the Biomuseo, or Panama City’s elegant and elaborate mega-mall. From sushi to traditional cuisine, the city has a wide variety of dining options as well. Anything you desire in a first class, contemporary destination, you can find in Panama City. However, the lovely accommodations do not detract from classic sites as well, such as Iglesia San Felipe Neri, Iglesia San Jose, or Convento de Santo Domingo.


2. Natural beauty

Gorgeous scenery, including ancient ruins, wide open green spaces, and angelic islands, makes Panama City number one on our list of “Places We Want to Explore”. The city is home to Parque Metropolitano, akin to New York’s Central Park, and the Amador Causeway, which connects the city to the islands of Naos, Perico, Culebra, and Flamenco. If the concrete jungle becomes too much, visitors can hike and bike through the park, head to the outskirts of town to explore the ruins of Panama Viejo, or climb up to the top of Cerro Ancon, the hill that overlooks the city.


3. The canal is just gorgeous!

The Panama Canal impresses everyone who lays eyes on it! People actually cruise the entire site for pleasure. This massive, can’t miss site is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, and there’s no question about why that is. The canal itself is still very active, welcoming ships in at specific times in the morning and afternoon. The entry fee for viewing the canal also includes entrance to a museum detailing the history, construction, and modern uses of the canal.


4. The Pope is coming

In 2019, Panama City will be hosting WORLD YOUTH DAY! Pope Francis continued the tradition of announcing the location of the next World Youth Day in the closing remarks of the Krakow celebration. What better reason to check out an exotic, new locale than kicking it Catholic-style with millions of other hip, young lovers of Christ?!

See you there!