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Hilarious Catholic Fantasy Football Team Names

NFLplayers are starting to report to their respective training camps, and the 2018 football season is almost upon us. This means many of us will be looking for that epic team name that will surely be the one factor that will ensure a championship for our team. Below are the best suggestions for anyone looking to add a little Catholic flavor to their 2018 fantasy football team.


The Swiss Offensive Guards

Get it? Swiss Offensive Guards? You know, like the Pope’s bodyguards, the Swiss Guard?


Vatican City Cardinals

It seems like an obvious choice for a Catholic to name their team after those who elect the Pope, among their other responsibilities. Although, you might get a comparison to the NFL team in Arizona.



For extra flair and specificity, one could add a location that makes the martyrs specific, like the Korea Martyrs or the North America Martyrs.


Knights of the Immaculata

The Knights of the Immaculata, also known as the Militia Immaculatae (Army of the Immaculate One), is a group founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe to encourage consecration the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The Cristeros

In the early 20th Century, the Mexican government persecuted Catholics. Those who rose up to defend the Church were called the Cristeros. This struggle is depicted in the 2012 movie For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada, starring Andy Garcia, Peter O’Toole, and Eva Longoria.


Papabili College (or just “papabili”)

Papabili is a term used to describe cardinals who go into a conclave as favorites to emerge as the Pope. These predictions are sometimes accurate, sometimes not. Joseph Ratzinger was considered to be the favorite among the papabili heading into the 2005 conclave. However, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not considered to be one of the papabili going into the last papal conclave.


Holy Land Crusaders

DEUS VULT! If you play with some people who look down on the Catholic Church because of the Crusades, this team name is an icebreaker for you to give them an accurate description of the Crusades.


Sixth Choir Powers

The sixth choir of angels is known as the Powers, and they are responsible for fighting the forces of evil.


The Chancery Laymen

In this scenario, if you need to input a location Chancery would be a great start. Laymen would work, too, but there are others that could work there. Committees would be a frightening name. 😉


Jerusalem Apostles

Jerusalem was the site of the beginning of the Apostles’ ministry.


The Inquisition

Nobody would expect this team name!


Immaculate Receptions

This play on words, referencing the Immaculate Conception, is perfect for the Catholic who loves puns, but it is an often used play on words. No points for originality would be awarded. This is also the name of a famous Pittsburgh Steelers touchdown.


Le’Veon on a Prayer

If you draft Le’Veon Bell and are a fan of Bon Jovi, this team name is for you!


Ten Plagues

This nod to the plagues sent by God to Egypt in the book of Exodus could be specific  (i.e. Egypt Plague of Boils) or can be generic plagues.


Francis’ Footballers

Show your dedication to the Holy Father, and dedicate your team to him.


The Judges

This is an Old Testament reference to the leaders of Israel prior to the people asking God for a king.


Gideon the Job Done

Gideon is one of the Greater Judges of Israel. His name is also a great opportunity for biblical punnery.


Job Well Done

This one differs from the last one because it is a reference to the book of Job.


Burning Bushes

Mount Horeb is the site where Moses saw the burning bush.


Pulpit Preachers

If you are a priest, this might be the team name for you.


Judean Maccabees

This team name creates a chance for you to inform your Protestant friends about two books that were removed from their bibles and the dramatic story of a Jewish revolt against the King of Syria.



Can you live with the comparisons to the NFL franchise in New Orleans? This Minnesota Vikings fan cannot.


Lourdes Miracle Workers

The waters at Lourdes, the site of a 19th-century apparition of Mary to Saint Bernadette, is known for its miraculous properties.


Fatima Secrets

Our Lady gave three secrets to Servant of God Lucia, Saint Jacinta, and Saint Francisco during her apparitions at Fatima.


Corpus Christi Pelicans

Corpus Christi means Body of Christ, and the Pelican is a symbol for the Eucharist.



Honor the Catholics who have faced harsh conditions in foreign lands in the name of spreading the Gospel, and give your team name the name missionaries. If you find a particular group of missionaries inspiring, you can add a location or an order to make it a specific reference (i.e. California Missionaries or Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate)



The name clergy or clerics is a fitting tribute to those who serve the Church.



This name Nuns might not seem all that frightening, but if you expand the team name to Catholic School Nuns, there might be some who will quake in terror.



Honor those who selflessly lead the faithful in the many parishes of the Catholic Church with this team name. For a Spanish twist or a nod to an MLB team, use the name, Padres.


What are you naming your fantasy football team this year? Let us know in the comments!