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8 Clues Your Friends Secretly Want To Be Catholic

All converts have a few telltale signs that they’re interested in conversion. Some of these are in mannerisms they pick up, others are in things they say. These signs always show some sense of readiness to be Catholic, even a sense of “secretly wanting to be.” The Catholic Church provides a myriad of ways to grow closer to God.

1. They ask, “Who is the Saint of…?”



It’s always a good day when your non-Catholic friends finally understand that we do not worship or pray to the saints. I have met a lot of converts that say that through studying the saints they decided to join the Catholic Church. I have even heard some Cradle Catholics say they use the saints to teach their kids about the Church. Catholic saints are an example for all of us and the devotion they had for their faith is something that every single one of us should admire and strive for. It’s true there is a saint for just about everything. It’s in finding out how they became a saint that we learn about faith and being Christ-like.

2. Your friends defend your Catholic faith to their Protestant friends.



I don’t always defend the faith of my Catholic friends…

But when I do, I make sure to let my Catholic friends know I am their Protestant hero.

3. They ask to read one of your Scott Hahn books



It could be argued that Scott Hahn is the most well known modern day Catholic convert. The man is brilliant. Our infinite collection of Scott Hahn books has caught the eye of more than one of our Protestant friends. “Who is Scott Hahn?” they might ask. Now you have their attention. Once you explain to them that he was a Presbyterian pastor turned Catholic convert, people tend to want to know more. Everyone should have a copy of Rome Sweet Home in their house…just in case.

4. When your friend says, “I only really drink with my Catholic friends”



Not that Catholics are alcoholics, but we do like to put away a few drinks when we get together. When we break bread, we also make sure to pour a little wine to wash it down. Come hang out with us. Nobody will judge you here.

5. Their radio is often set to a Catholic apologetics show


You know that guy. The one that started out listening to Catholic radio so he could debate everything he hears. He can’t help wanting to know more about the thing he has been told to stay away from. Then, the more he listens, the more he starts to nod his head in agreement. He starts to realize he is listening to the truth. All the mysteries about Christianity and the Catholic faith are slowly revealed. Catholic radio is just another path into the Church.

6. They begin to talk about Mary differently, that is, more


Mary is the most painted female in history. It’s no wonder that all people are universally drawn to her as our mother, being that she is our universal Mother.  How could we not want to know more about the woman who birthed and raised Jesus? She is the perfect example of motherhood. Jesus actually tells us she is our mother.

But standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus then saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” From that hour the disciple took her into his own household. (John 19:25-27, NASB)

7. They are very interested in practicing NFP


Natural Family Planning!! It doesn’t get any more Catholic [or pro-life for that matter], than practicing NFP. My path to becoming a Catholic convert began with the Church’s stance on contraception and growing families. God’s plan for the Christian family is to be fruitful and multiply. As a society, we need to take our faith out of the hands contraception and put our faith back into God and his plan for our families. Practicing NFP is not the be all end all of being a good Catholic, but I would encourage any Christian that is using contraception to consider looking into NFP.

8. They just can’t stop asking about the Eucharist



There is something inside us all that draws us to be one with Christ. The only way to get there is through the Eucharist. Explaining to people the miracle and mystery involved with the Eucharist and that we believe we are consuming the actual body and blood of Christ can raise a lot of questions. “I thought he said just to do this in remembrance?” “Whoa, you really think you are eating a person!?” “Why can’t I take the Eucharist here like I can at my own church?”  John 6 in the Bible…we think that Jesus really meant what He said.