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How NOT to Evangelize Others in the Heat of Summer

Now, more than ever, we need to be strong in our faith. We also need to clarify things that the media and anti-Catholic folks may be spreading that are untrue. There are a number of great ways to do it: social media, talking with friends and family, even at theme parks or any place you may go. We can either go the traditional ways, by speaking and letting others ask us questions, recommending books, living our lives in a holy manner, or we can think outside the box and get creative. The sky’s the limit.

However, there are a couple of ideas that may not be the greatest in order to evangelize. If you have any of the following ideas, please think twice before implementing them.

Fill up a super-soaker with holy water

. . . and drench anyone you may think needs the power of the sacramental. If you think someone needs a little help, pray for them or guide them to someone who can help them. Don’t throw holy water on them. Yes, this includes soaking your date with holy water to make sure they’re not detrimental to your vocation discernment.

Hit people on top of their noggins with a Catechism

. . . when they say they don’t understand Church teachings. Yes, this includes self-professed Catholics. We all know how thick that book is. Do you want to get arrested? Probably not. Just let them know where they can find answers to their questions (or if they ask for resources) without assaulting them with that brick.

Tweet the word “heretic”

. . . to anyone who says anything remotely controversial or not in line with Church teachings. Do not feed the trolls. I repeat, do not feed the trolls! Some people will do anything to get a rise out of Catholics so it’s best to ignore them if they seem to be doing it on purpose. If you feel confident enough in engaging in conversation (not an argument) with them, feel free to do so as some may say things out of ignorance. After all, the first spiritual work of mercy is instructing the ignorant. Just don’t forget the motto “clarity with charity.”

Give people the stink-eye

. . . if they’re not properly dressed at Mass. Yes, I know; summertime can be difficult for those of us living in areas where it can get up in the triple digits. Those who don’t venture to Mass more often may not be aware that what they wear (or don’t wear) is distracting to priests and/or the faithful in the pews. Instead of giving them the stink eye, pray for them and/or pull them aside and politely explain that their attire is distracting.

However you choose to evangelize, remember that you may be the first Catholic they’ve met so try to be warm, welcoming, and as helpful as you can be. Or, you know, simply try not to insult or injure them in the process. The more open and receptive you are, the more likely they’ll want to stick around and learn more about our faith.