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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Cuffing Season, Catholic Edition

Have you heard of “cuffing season”? If you’re a single Catholic, there’s a good chance you may have. Cuffing season is the unofficial time during winter months when single people feel the pangs of loneliness most intensely and they seek a partner to spend the holidays with. Sometimes the desperation to not have to answer the dreaded, “So, have you found anyone yet?” questions at family get-togethers drives people to make the wrong choices when seeking a romantic partner.

Since most of us Catholics take vocation discernment a bit more seriously than your average non-religious Millennial, the cuffing season won’t get us as easily. Still, the danger exists, so here are some tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim of the “cuffing season.”


If you meet someone or are willing to take the risk during this season:

Throw holy water on the person trying to flirt with you to make sure they’re not trying to pull you away from your real vocation.


Insist on going to Adoration either before, after, or even as a date-night destination. 


Test their commitment by doing the 54-day Rosary novena together. Bonus: the relationship may make it out of cuffing season in one piece since most couples break up right after the season, in January. Bide your time.


Ask your Guardian Angel to help open your eyes to any danger so that you don’t regret falling for the wrong person this season.


Ladies, avoid Christmas-themed movies on the Hallmark Channel. They will give you unrealistic expectations about love. Looking for true love? Look at the Cross, not a movie.


If you want to find someone but all you’re getting are duds and fellow victims of cuffing season, remind yourself that you want the real deal. Be willing to wait for it. 


If you haven’t met or don’t want to meet someone during the holidays:

Whenever a family member asks you why or how you’re still single, tell them you’ve placed your vocation in God’s hands.


If you’d rather not get involved with anyone during the holidays (just to play it safe), put everyone in the friendzone by telling them you’re not ready to discern your vocation with anyone.


If someone doesn’t take a hint that you’re not interested, hit them with the old standby that will make things clear for them.


And if that doesn’t work…


Overall, don’t stop praying for a good, holy (future) spouse. You can get through this cuffing season in one piece and (eventually) find the right person. Just don’t stop praying.