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How to Choose Your Patron Saint

The saints of our faith are the heroes of the Church. They are always praying and interceding for us and for our families. They offer real-life inspiration as they have traveled the course of life and have lived through it. Not only have the saints lived through, but they demonstrated heroic virtue in the process. This is a calling for all as we journey in life. Here are tips on how to pick your patron saint.

Research the saints

Reading the lives of the saints of our faith is a primary way to find about more about them. Their lives offer much in terms of direction and of prayer. The manner in which we live our lives each day is the path to our own sanctification. When we have a role model to guide us, it makes a tremendous impact. Researching and reading more is the best way to direct your mind and heart at finding your own favorite saint.

Decide which saints inspire you

Each individual person is unique. When you decide which saints inspire you, reflect on your own daily path of life. Are you single or married? Would you consider priesthood or religious life? In terms of age, are you a younger person, middle-aged, or younger? Consider where you are right now. Sometimes there are saints who inspire us who lived a similar life or vocation. Perhaps your favorite saint could be in your age bracket. Think deeply about the life styles of saints which could offer you deep inspiration.

Intercede to the saints

In addition to learning about the saints, pray to them for their intercession. There are some saints-to-be who have not yet been canonized. Those who are blessed and those who are servants of God need our prayers in order for them to achieve sainthood. There is also much to learn when it comes to studying the lives of the saints as there are thousands. Pray novenas, and visit shrines associated with those with whom you are considering as your own role models.

Talk to others

Speak to a spiritual director or a priest about searching for saints as your role model. There is nothing quite like speaking to another person and asking questions. When you ask questions, it helps to formulate a decision. One can have many role model saints, but starting with finding one to begin with is a good plan.

These ideas in finding your patron saint are beginning concepts. Hopefully they will aid you in finding your own favorite saint to model after and to intercede to. You will find that your go-to saint will also become a good friend. Never doubt that saints are our friends, as they are life long spiritual companions. They cheer us on, pray for us, and intercede. Enjoy the research phase of learning more about the saints of our faith.

All you holy men and women, pray for us.

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