I Don’t Make Deals

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  • disqus_KXqeZMikzj

    Agreed 100%—–great post Abby!!!! God bless you

  • Lisa Rose Morand

    In a world where a female has to arrive crawling into the hospital, bloody, bruised, missing teeth, naked, swollen, perforated bowels and or torn vagina, in order to even prove she was raped, and it was not just a sexual misunderstanding. How is so many woman being raped and getting pregnant?

    • Dee

      My guess is there is some stretching of the truth going on. Another reason why thete should be no exemptions for rape. It’ll result in men getting falsely accused.

      • Darrell Birkey

        They don’t have to make an accusation to claim the rape exception.

    • Darrell Birkey

      While the law require evidence to bring rape charges, the rape exceptions in abortion laws give any women the ability to say she was raped and an abortionist will kill the baby with no evidence of rape needed.

  • diamondinruff

    Thank you for your article. As a rape conceived woman, As a rape conceived woman, I am really offended and
    saddened at the attitudes of these so called “pro life” leaders who
    think that a whole class of human beings can be sacrificed on the altar
    of expedience. I STAND UP for the rape conceived. For those babies who are “left behind’. For those babies that by the exceptions in these so called “pro life” bills that are TARGETED for extermination just because of the means of conception. We didnt stand for this when slavery was the law of the land in America. We went to war so that the slaves could be free and have the same rights as other human beings in this country. What we are doing to these rape conceived babies is no different than full scale discrimination and genocide. I have heard the logic of “lets save most of the babies with these bills, and later we can fight for ALL life”. REALLY? You can call yourself pro-life when you advocate for the saving of some babies and the of others? By supporting these bills, by paying your tax dollars to support these bills you are saying ITS OKAY TO KILL the unborn. Those that call themselves pro life yet support exceptions MUST step down from all pro life leadership roles, and stop lying to themselves and to those who truly are pro life– those that believe that ALL life matters– no matter the means of conception!!! STOP THE PREJUDICE. Tell the truth. Save the babies – all of them. – Patti Smith, rape conceived – loving my life.

    • GKStudent

      There are imperfect bills and legislation. Much, because of the clout and resistance that the measure faces to get passed. So, these compromise bills of legislation are written. Imperfect as they might be, still the idea is to get something done – something there. But, in the end, it falls on the heart of the people. Whether a bill is signed or passed to protect and safeguard life – even to the fullest and most perfect expression, it all falls on the people. Consider when Margaret Sanger was going about preaching and encouraging contraception and abortion that she was arrested by authorities, but not stopped by the public. The law is only in the hands of a few individuals – the state. The problem for the Pro-Life movement, thus, it had arrived late.

      For, eugenics and population control, and the monster of Adolf that was created out of Germany, had long been going on for years. Much of it predates the Pro-Life movement’s urgent call. Perhaps it’s because nobody ever thought the purpose of eugenics would be done as successful – nobody would think to do the things such as the eugenics movement endorsed or encouraged. However, it was done in an accelerated effort and manner.

      Bottom line is people need to stop being selfish. In this world, people are more worried about their comfort, and self gratification (I am one of them. Sadly.) That gratification is also how people want to feel a sense of security for what they do. If taking care of their neighbor means to disrupt their lifestyle and pleasure, then they will avoid doing so. All that the eugenics offers is a very sell-able proposal, you’re free to do what you want and will – free to enjoy your life without responsibility. That is the selling point of that movement – a very good one (not good in the sense of being right, good, and proper – not the best. Rather, it’s the most intriguing persuasion which only guises the real sad tragedy of really losing freedom – self control.) Even for the idea woman control the bodies greater through the eugenics process is a lie. For by the very basis of using contraception is to rid the body of the sole expression of having children. You get nothing in the end. And, the more you practice birth control, you are not exerting any amount of self control, but really trying to let your body handle it through contraception or eve abortion – no self control – no control over one’s body – it’s a lie.

      The real end of the serious and sad tragedy of abortion, suicide, rape, abuse, and all the most serious grave actions and illnesses of our age is to be rid of it – no one subscribing to it. If people refuse to subscribe, endorse, entertain the idea, and prohibit it from themselves, “a new day would be dawning.” That’s the key, For the whole eugenics movement – especially here in the U.S. – is mainly comprised of the subject – the human person – and their will. If people choose to, then that’s the core foundation of that movement, and its’ success. People need the moral will and conscience to choose better, and stand away from it. And that will starve the creature to extinction.

  • Dee

    It’s interesting how they always want exceptions for rape. Doesn’t this just support the idea that consent to sex IS consent to pregnancy?

  • Darrell Birkey

    Abby, I applaud you coming to this conclusion. I would encourage to consider that all regulations are actually exceptions that deny that there is actually against the right to life.
    If the wording says you can’t kill your baby unless you first see an ultrasound, then we are giving permission to kill the baby if they are willing to jump through legal hoops first.
    I understand that people have right motives for requiring the ultrasound, but not only does it not legally stop any abortions… it only gives the abortionist another weapon to persuade to women their kill their babies. An ultrasound used by Christians to persuade women to keep their babies will be used by the abortionist as a weapon to convince some women on the fence to kill their baby… and believe, evil people are able to do this.
    Any law that pro-lifers promote that is essentially… if you do this first.. then you can kill the baby,
    are not good.
    Also remember that if Roe vs Wade is ever overturned… every child killing regulation that we supported and fought for in every state will still be in force.
    At that point our enemies will use our own exceptions against us to keep abortion legal.
    Many people don’t know that it was exception that lead to the Roe vs Wade decision. Justice Blackman cited the except in the Texas law as proof that the unborn had no right to life under the Constitution. While He was evil, he was correct that since the 14th amendment says that not person shall be denied their right ti life without due process… and the State of Texas was allowing some unborn to be killed without due process, that the Texas law logically says that the unborn are not persons we rights.
    The same exception that were used to create abortion on demand can never work to end abortion.
    We are “pruning the abortion tree and making the roots stronger”. Exceptions will also always make abortion seem more reasonable to the masses and the more reasonable is seems the less opposition there will be.
    We always need to focus on right and wrong and never get sidetracked bu political calculations, because we are incapable of calculating the depths of evil that people can sink to.
    I really want you to see this as an encouragement and food for thought and a matter of prayer.
    I really do care and want the best for you and want you ministry to be all that it can be. 🙂