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If Jesus had Facebook—Hilarious Posts Ideas

Scrolling through my feed got me thinking, “what would Jesus post” (WWJP) if he was living during a time when there was Facebook. I searched several feeds of pages which quoted Jesus, but nothing really fit what I was thinking, so I created my own feed of a few things Jesus might have posted about and the reactions he might have received. Post any of your own comments or quotes you think Jesus would post to document his life in the comments section, and maybe we’ll create some more.

This could have been one of his first posts as a young boy. He doesn’t have many likes yet because those would only have come from his school friends. I bet the kids got a kick out of this story.

Jesus at the start of his ministry calls Simon Peter, James and John fishing, and they drop everything to follow him. Now that’s a great friendship right from the start.

When something is done by Jesus, it is done very well. Could you image having a sip of heavenly wine?

Ah, the sermon on the mount. There would be hundreds of WWJP from this sermon alone.

Another beautiful teaching from this sermon although it didn’t get as many likes as the previous post though…loving your enemies can be hard.

Don’t we all want to pray like Jesus? This would have been difficult of the Jews to accept because they don’t reference the Lord as their Father (which is probably why there were some sad).

I wonder if the disciples understood what Jesus meant by ‘taking up his cross’, but they’ve been with him for awhile now, listening and learning and witnessing the miracles. It would have been scary teaching on their own for the first time.

Just as we do, Jesus would have posted about some of his frustrations. Imagine going back to your high school friends and talking to them about Jesus today – would they listen?

Again another city not accepting the truth and they try to stone Jesus. The problem was they were used to their ordinary lives following the old law of sacrifice because it still allowed them to live they way they wanted to. Jesus’ teachings are difficult to accept and change is hard.

Jesus’ hardest teaching and one of his saddest posts, the disciples just didn’t understand they had the living bread right in front of them. They only wanted to satisfy their own hunger, and because they didn’t understand, they left Jesus. Don’t leave Jesus at the altar.

Truth bomb: Jesus has the most beautiful posts.

Ah yes, the classic Catch 22 question: What is more important? The Lord’s day or the Lord’s work? Hmmm, some just don’t get it.

And along with everything else Jesus was preaching, he posts this – Those Pharisees are so focused on the law, they missed saving the soul of the sinner. The sinners loved it, the Pharisees are angry.

Jesus admits the plot against him is brewing, but do his FB followers understand too? He’s been speaking in parables and talking about giving up his life for a friend, but people still thought he was called to be the new king over the Jewish people. With all his talk about God, how could they not believe he was the King of kings?

Jesus showed us human emotion in that he wept over the death of Lazarus. He knew he was going to raise him from this death, but his human self was still sad over the death of his friend. People would have loved this post, but would they believe Jesus too would rise after death? We’ll never know.

Jesus would have posted this several times, just as a reminder.

Jesus knew exactly what he was going into by riding into Jerusalem. Even the apostles knew Jesus was going to be in trouble if he went to Jerusalem from what they heard.

Notice the number of loves for this post written on the way to the garden of Gethsemane.

The message on Easter morning and the final post. Jesus’ message now has to be spread through the apostles and disciples by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Peter could create his own FB account, his point of view would have been very different and very interesting.

WWPP (What would Peter post???).