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If the Twelve Apostles were the Twelve Avengers

Between Holy Week and the upcoming release of Avengers: Endgame, there’s a lot to be excited about right now. Have you ever stopped to wonder which Avenger the Apostles might play? Well, here are your answers.


Peter as Iron Man

Simon Peter was quite the leader among the Apostles. After all, he was chosen to be pope! Much like Tony Stark, he also had a bit of a temper (like that time he cut off a guy’s ear). Peter also had a tendency to fight the authority, even going so far as to argue with Jesus about returning to Jerusalem at the risk of his death.

Andrew as Black Panther

It would be hard to argue that another Avenger shows as much raw power as Black Panther. Andrew’s very name means strong, making him a perfect match. Andrew was also known for having good social skills, just as T’Challa had as a leader.

James the Greater as Thor

James the Greater might be known as “the greater” due to his height. Thor happens to be one of the tallest Avengers, and is known for his strength. James’s parents are people of means, although obviously not gods. To top it all off, he and his brother John were known as the “Sons of Thunder!”—a name that Jesus gave them.

John as Spiderman

Peter Parker and John are both the youngest. They also have acquired particular soft spots with the authority—Peter with Tony Stark and John with Jesus. Both survive dangerous times: John died of old age (the only apostle to do so), and Peter made it through the Thanos debacle (which we know because Spiderman has another movie to be released after Endgame).

Philip as Hawkeye

Philip and Hawkeye are down to earth folks. Hawkeye spends his day-to-day life caring for his family and seems to be the most stable Avenger by far. Philip was the one to point out that the bread and fish could not possibly be enough for the multitude, showing that he too was a practical man.

Jude as The Winter Soldier

St. Jude is symbolized by the club and fire. Buckey, on the other hand, has a metal arm and a gun—not that those are all that different. The Winter Solider is also a hopeless cause if there ever was one—first dead then evil then finally, finally, back on the right side. This makes Jude, patron of hopeless causes, the perfect patron for Buckey.

Bartholomew as War Machine

Rhodey (or rather, War Machine) is one of the present yet lesser known heroes. Honestly, casual fans probably forget he exists. This makes him the perfect match for Bartholomew, as no one really knows much about him either.

Thomas as Vision

Vision and Thomas are both very analytical and consistently asking questions. Doubting Thomas refuses to believe that Jesus had returned without seeing it with his own eyes. Vision also consistently is skeptical about making a decision until he sees how things will play out.

James the Lesser as Captain America

James’s epistle shows him as calm, down-to-earth, and devoted to those worse off than him. Captain America, with his consistent stability, is the perfect role for James. To make the match even better, James and Jude are brothers and Cap and Buckey may as well be.

Matthew as Ant Man

Matthew, like Ant Man, comes from a rough background. Matthew was a tax collector, and Ant Man was a thief (although there wasn’t much difference in the opinions of the Jews). Both were called while working to rise up to become heroes.


Simon and Peter Quill both traveled a lot during their missions. Peter traveled the universe fighting aliens and protecting the earth, whereas Simon spent his time after the crucifixion traveling all over to preach the gospel and protect our souls.

Judas as Loki

Judas and Loki both spent time going behind the back of their leader, and ended up with a history of lies and betrayal. Loki, however, earned himself a redemption arch, where as Judas . . . did not.