Images that Perfectly Describe Our Faith


First of all, we aren’t always what we seem.

Sometimes only *we* know what our faith actually looks like

Cause there are times where we just want off the ride

We struggle to stay awake when we pray

And are easily distracted

Some days we can’t even get past the first hurdle

We avoid near catastrophe

And we eventually get stuck

And our vices give us less freedom than a cat fresh out of surgery

Then we take a good look in the mirror

Sort out the confusion

We gather our best friends around us for support

And we get someone we trust to show us how it’s done

To get our ducks in a row

We get pack to praying

Reading the Bible

“Like grown-ups”

And serve others

Umm… actually serving others

(in secret)

We don’t always do it perfectly, but we tend to get the job done.

Cause when we see the big picture, things make a lot more sense

Even if we don’t feel like we’re accomplishing anything

Or … when life happens

Jesus told us we would do things “greater than these”


So let’s celebrate our faith,

Do epic things

But don’t celebrate at the expense of others

Let’s follow the Master

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Don’t forget to laugh a little

And be joyful!

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