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Join the 54-Day Rosary Novena Starting on All Saints Day

Every year, a group of Catholics get together (through virtual means) and we do the 54-day rosary novena together from All Saints’ Day (November 1st) until Christmas Eve. Mostly done via Twitter, the group prays and supports each other through the entire novena; sharing the graces received as they come in. Since we’re currently in the month of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, I thought I’d extend the invitation/challenge to you lovely readers.

“Wait, you want me to keep up a novena for 54 days?!” you may be asking right about now. The short answer is: yes!

I know the number of days is daunting, especially for those who can barely keep up a regular 9-day novena. However, you’d be amazed at how many people who have not been able to get through a regular novena have been able to make it to the end of this novena.

Are you on the fence or want to know more about it? Here are the facts (and testimonies).

What it is

The history of the 54-day rosary novena is amazing. It was given to a young woman with three incurable diseases by Our Lady herself. After the girl completed the novena, she was miraculously healed. (You can read the full story here). Since then, many people have prayed this novena for big intentions.

So, what exactly is the 54-day rosary novena? It is just that: a novena that lasts 54 days. The only difference is the length and the fact that you pray the rosary (all 5 decades of the corresponding day) along with the meditation prayers. Broken down even further, you’re essentially doing 6 back-to-back novenas. Half of the novena (the first 27 days) you’ll be asking for specific intentions of your choosing. The second half you’ll be giving thanks for the answered prayers. Yes, you give thanks even before they’ve been answered. More on this later.

How it’s done

There are different ways you can pray this novena. You can get yourself a booklet with the prayers for each corresponding day online or you can use one of several websites that have it posted. I’ve personally used this website for the past half-dozen years. But, wait! There’s more! You also have the option of praying the traditional 3 Mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious) or praying it with the Luminous mysteries.

The only big difference is that you don’t pray the rosary as you normally would. By that I mean, you don’t do the Joyful Mysteries on a Monday, Sorrowful Mysteries on Tuesday, etc. Depending on which path you choose (the traditional 3 Mysteries or with the added Luminous Mysteries) will determine which Mysteries you pray. For example, no matter which you path you take, this year, the first day of this particular rosary novena (November 1st) falls on a Friday. Since day one is all about the Joyful Mysteries, you’d pray those instead of the traditional order of Sorrowful for Fridays. If you think you’d get the days mixed up, you can either mark a calendar, join us for reminders on social media, or create your own calendar to mark which days you’re on and which mysteries correspond to that day.


I’ve heard amazing stories from those who’ve done this rosary novena with us over the years. Everything from a much-needed job and career change to vocation discernment clarity (and how!), there is no shortage of testimonies to how powerful this novena is. On a personal level, I can tell you that I’ve seen the most miraculous changes in people that can only be attributed to the novena. I’ve even seen a major vocation discernment change in my own life following this novena.

Want a bigger “celebrity” endorsement? Recently, Catholic speaker Jackie Francois-Angel did a video about how the 54-day rosary has changed her life for the Ascension Presents YouTube channel. In it, she explains how it helped her discern her own vocation… and how it led to her now-husband, Bobby Angel!

Words of Warning

I always give two “words of warning” before anyone embarks on the novena; just so that there are no surprises. First of all, this is a doozy of a novena. It is so powerful (particularly with big intentions) that some people experience Murphy’s law while doing it. You know, “What can go wrong, will go wrong.” Of course, this is just a tactic to get you to abandon the novena. Some people experience is for part of the novena and other for all of it. For others, it’s smooth sailing.

Another “word of caution,” this novena is hard to stop for some people. The graces are so amazing that I’ve heard of people who’ve done several back-to-back rosary novenas. It can be very addicting, which is not a bad thing. Spending time with Mama Mary and receiving all those graces? Sign me up!

While the rosary novena can be said during any time of year, it is said that it’s most powerful From All Saints’ Day through Christmas Eve. Yes, there are exactly 54 days been All Saints’ Day and Christmas.  

Now that you know a little more about the novena, are you up for the challenge? If so, you’re more than welcome to join us this year. Have any more questions or want reminders of what day we’re on of the novena? You can find me at @MelissaCeciliaG on Twitter.

Try the novena, even if it’s just once. Your life will never be the same… and you’ll be glad for it.