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Hurricane Harvey Couldn’t Stop This Kayaking Priest

TEXAS –  Floods didn’t stop Father David Bergeron, a Catholic priest, from bringing Christ and the Mass to those stranded by Hurricane Harvey this weekend. After spending the night in his truck, Father Bergeron got into his kayak the next morning. His mission? To return to his parish and say Mass for Catholics stranded in the flood waters.

On the way to offer Mass, Father Bergeron stopped at a convenience store to buy some wine. But he ran into some trouble because Texas stores are prohibited from selling alcohol before noon on Sundays. When ABC News spotted Father Bergeron kayaking through the streets, they stopped and interviewed him.

“I’m French-American as you can tell from my accent. I guess this is how the Americas were evangelized, in the canoe, and this is a kayak,” Father Bergeron said in the interview. “I hope this can bring a smile to a few people and I’m praying for everyone who is in need.”

Father David Bergeron is a priest at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas. He’s originally from Quebec. In an introduction video from the parish, Father David explained that both his first and last name means “little shepherd” – a role that he is truly fulfilling as a Catholic priest. This past weekend, he went searching for the lost (and wet) sheep!

At the end of the interview, Father Bergeron jokingly said, “There area few Psalms that implore for the grace of God and the washing rain. But now, we have enough rain!”

Please keep Father Bergeron and all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey in your prayers.