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Kid-Friendly Triduum Ideas

The Triduum can be a mysterious and sad time even for adults. Below are some ways to help our kids enter into this sacred day as we remember Jesus’ Passion, death, and Resurrection.

Holy Thursday

Seder Meal

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A Seder is the meal traditionally served for Passover. It is the type of meal Jesus would have eaten with his disciples at the Last Supper. You can be as eleborate and accurate or not as you choose. Inlcuding unleavened bread, bitter herbs and grape juice can focus your celebration on remembering the events of Holy Thursday.

Pray before the Eucharist

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Just as the Apostles were told to keep watch while Jesus prayed in the Garden, we can keep watch with Eucharsitic vigils. Many parishes host an altar or repose after Holy Thursday Mass where people can gather to keep watch with Jesus in the Eucharist. Depending on your kids’ ages and abilities a few minutes or an hour of prayer could be a beautiful way to honor this part of the Triduum.

Wash Each Other’s Feet

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In the Gospel of John chapter 13 Jesus washes the apostles’ feet during the Last Supper as an example of humility. Parents can model and encourage humility and servant leadership by washing their children’s feet and having them wash each other’s feet.

Good Friday

Venerate Your Crucifixes

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If you are able to take your children to Good Friday service it is a beautiful and different liturgy than a typical Sunday Mass. Part of that service is a time for veneration of the Cross. In preparation for that devotion (or in its place if you are not able to attend service) you can help your children understand what it means to venerate a cross. Take a cross or crucifix in your home and invite your children to touch, kiss, and pray with it. This is a beautiful way to remind them that the Cross, though it may be scary, is not to be feared.

Passion Play or Stations of the Cross

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Many parishes host Stations of the Cross or a Passion reenactment or retelling on Good Friday. If you don’t have either to attend, you can also pray the Stations of the Cross at home using a guide like this one.

Hot Cross Buns

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Traditionally spiced buns decorated with crosses were used to break fast on Good Friday. Various recipes and varieties riddle the internet so pick your favorite. The oldest recipes were likely not sweet treats given the solemnitude of the day but dried fruit does seem to be common in self-proclaimed “classic” recipes. Younger kids would enjoy preparing these and marking them with crosses.

Holy Saturday

Egg Decorating

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If you’re like me, Holy Saturday always has a sort of doldrums feel to it. We wait in the in-between, still in the shadow of Our Lord’s death but not yet celebrating the Resurrection we know will come. For kids, this day has the potential to be like any Saturday unless we embrace the Triduum. Getting ready for celebration, continuing to remember the Crucifixion, and keeping little hands busy can all be accomplished with egg decorating.

Easter Candle Craft

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I recommend taking kids to the Easter Vigil if you can. But even if you can’t, you can teach them about the Paschal Candle and how it features in that liturgy. Adding in a craft can really help make the meaning more concrete. Depending on your kids’ ages, your own time and craftiness there are many ways to make your own Easter Candle. This option is straightforward and shouldn’t take much time. For younger kids and toddler something simple like this would be good. Or you could go all out and get this kit to make a candle from beeswax and decorate it.

However you choose to honor this special time with your kids will help them understand the whole of the Paschal mystery. While egg hunts and lamb-shaped cake are great ways to celebrate the Resurrection it’s important to remember all Jesus did during this sacred Triduum.

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