Did you know comedian Steve Harvey is now a gospel preacher?


After his final episode of Family Feud was taped, comedian Steve Harvey had a serious talk with his audience. You should watch it:

I didn’t realize that for the last year, Steve Harvey has been promoting a Christian message. Skimming through much of his feed and browsing his words, it appears he had a serious conversion of heart some time ago and wants to share that with everyone. That’s great news.

Now, it wont take much more than one reading or Google search to see that he frequents Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) and his overall message appears to be very akin to the “prosperity gospel”. That’s not great news, but it is good news that one more person from Hollywood seems to have genuinely converted.

We should pray for Mr. Harvey’s message, that Christ would touch his heart not just to basic truths of God and Christianity, but the fullness of faith in Christ, the church he founded, and the sacraments he instituted.


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