Largest cross in the West coming to Texas


The largest cross in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the whole world if going to be erected in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This is actually not brand new news, and after some ‘frivolous’, lawsuits, the church erecting the cross is carrying on with their mission: build a gigantic cross in the city as a witness to Christ.

“By building the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere we believe we can spread that message of hope”, says the vision statement.

Why a cross? Why so big?

From the project: “Both in scripture and history the Cross was a symbol of torture and death.  It was more than just a tool of execution, but of intense suffering and shame.  Death was accomplished by physical body stress and slow suffocation.  The shame of the Cross was humiliation, being crucified nude.  Today however, it’s a symbol of HOPE and SALVATION.  Through the Cross God brought about redemption to mankind through the sacrificial death of His Son Jesus.”

There are no specific details on the dimensions of the cross but the project site contains a concept drawing.


According to the website,

“The Cross will stand 230 feet tall, the equivalent of a 20 story building.  Someone asked if there was any significance to that height? Actually there is.  It is as tall as the FAA will allow us to build it in the direct flight descent to the Corpus Christi International Airport.  The cross-bar of the Cross will span 95 feet, roughly the width of a football field.  The construction of the Cross will consist of 12 ft in diameter cold rolled steel cylinders, bolted together every 30 feet, with a service ladder inside reaching to the top.”

“The Cross will be completely illuminated by 4 LED commercial light fixtures projecting upward from the ground and an LED high intense beam shooting 1/2 mile skyward from the top of the Cross to alert aircraft of its location.”

The cross will have to be massive. Currently, the claim for largest cross in the U.S., and in the western hemisphere, is located in Groom, TX which stands 19 stories tall – which is absolutely epic.



When Texans go big, they go MASSIVE. We hope this new cross is built soon.


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