What It’s Like To Be the Only (Or One of the Only) Catholic on Campus

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  • Adam Hovey

    Well since I live in South Carolina I can say been there done that

    • 0530515

      Visiting a university’s/college’s Newman Community and/or local parish should be part of the college visit. It was part of my son’s. Visit them, don’t merely check them out online. He has yet to select a school. However, I was impressed with Holy Spirit Parish – the Catholic Prescense at the University of Kentucky. UK is still in the running.

  • Ronky

    How did you get into ANY uni when you use the absurd and meaningless expression “one of the only”?
    “Only” is the adjective of “one”. There can not be two, three or four “onlys’. If there is more than one of your kind, then you are NOT the only one. You perhaps mean “one of the few”.

    • Garrett

      ^ constructive kind-spirited helpful loving worth-posting deep and thoughtful comment

      • Garrett

        ^ not sarcasm

        • Garrett

          ^definitely not sarcasm

          • Garrett

            ^that would be absurd if it were sarcasm

          • Garrett

            ^most truthful comment ever

          • Garrett

            ^Sometimes I use sarcasm, but this is “one of the only” times I commented when I didn’t use sarcasm

          • Ronky

            Yeah it’s very constructive and helpful to make five off-topic self-referential comments on your own comment.

            The reason for my initial comment is that a grammatical howler like that, especially when it’s in bold and in the headline, almost destroys the effect of the otherwise worthwhile article.

          • Garrett

            “One of the only” is a common phrase where I’m from, with a different connotation than one of the few. “Uni” is not. People say things differently in different places. Insulting someone by questioning how they got into college and then proceeding to give them a patronizing grammar lesson that has nothing to do with the substance of the article might be ok where you’re from, but where I come from you run the risk of being called a jerk. In fact, I don’t think you’d get off so easy.

          • Ronky

            OK I’ll take your bait. If that oxymoronic phrase was NOT used instead of “one of the few”, then what on earth DOES it mean to you? I certainly can’t think of any other possible meaning, if indeed it has a meaning.

            Uni is a standard worldwide abbreviation for “university” fyi. As listed in three USA-based dictionaries which I looked up, on the assumption that like the author you live in the USA. I guess it’s just you who doesn’t know what uni means.

    • Howard Beale

      Ronky, you are certainly not “one of the only” and not even “one of the few”. You are one of a kind – and one rejoices for that!

  • Uma Richie

    I am long out of college but can relate to everything you wrote.
    When I was a senior, my roommate started dating a guy who had previously noticed me walking to 8 AM Mass on Sunday mornings.
    Not knowing me at the time, he thought I had been doing the “walk of shame,” but he was confused because I didn’t look ashamed and my clothes weren’t all wrinkled.

  • Guy McClung

    Sorry-I thought this was about colleges and universities that used to be Catholic and say they still are. There are more Catholics at secular universities-and I mean Catholics who accept Church teaching and adherer to the maigsterium, on campuses of secular universities than there are on formerly-Catholic (“FC”) schools such as Notre Dame and many here in Texas. The “most Catholic” school in America is Texas A & M, College Station, Tx-going by sheer numbers; and certainly more Catholics than at the FC schools.