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“LIT” is One of the Best Catholic Resources Available

Several years ago a catchphrase came out that is abbreviated WWJD?  For those who don’t know it, the phrase is “What Would Jesus Do?”  When I first heard it, I thought it was quite corny but I soon found myself using that phrase to help me make choices in life.  I have always been a person interested in technology and when the Internet started exploding, I couldn’t help but to wonder WWJD if he was here today with the Internet.  I have no doubt that He would use it to spread the Gospel message.  I know that St. Paul and the others would also find it a great tool to spread the Good News.  Fortunately so many modern day Catholic evangelists have been using it and they have given us many great Catholic resources on the Internet.  T.J. Burdick has just added another, and this one is FREE.

T.J. has started a new online program designed for young adults. Personally, I think it is for all adults.  I have gone through several lessons and find it to be interesting, informative and made for today’s world.  Whether we are a young adult, a parent, a Catechist, Clergyman or just an ordinary Catholic (oxymoron intended), this program is for you.  The name of the program is LIT.  It consists of six levels:


The program’s name and levels remind me of two great scriptures; Luke 3: 16 where Jesus tells us that He is going to baptize us with the Holy Spirit and FIRE, and Acts 2:3 where during Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples as tongues of FIRE.  There is no doubt that we are called to be on FIRE for the Lord.  This program helps us to do just that.

You can reach the program at www.dominicaninstitute.com/lit where you will be greeted by an introduction video.   This video is only a minute and a half long and has two short clips in it.  One is Bob Rice of the University of Steubenville and the other is Mark Hart of Lifeteen.  As soon as you watch the introduction video you notice the high quality of the video and the music.  When the video finishes, you can click on the GET IT FOR FREE button.  All you then have to do is give your email and receive verification and you are all set to go.  I highly recommend that you try this program out.  I will give you some of my experience from the first lesson, IGNITE.

When you go to your first level, a welcome screen appears giving brief instructions (the program is truly easy to use and navigate) where you can get the main resources used, besides what is online.  You can purchase a YOUCAT if you don’t already have one, and you can down load a FREE 228 page Workbook.  The workbook contains the questions and stories from each level as well as reflections, reflection questions, YOUCAT references and a place to journal.  The workbook looks very much like the online version, but without the imbedded videos.

After you download the Workbook at the welcome screen, click on Level 1 – IGNITE.  You will see two videos to click on.  The first is Mike Hart from LifeTeen.  The video is about nine minutes long and discusses the bible, Catholic resources, the Devil and a special message for the youth.  It is definitely worth watching.  The second video is about ten minutes long and from Michael Marchand of ProjectYM.  He discusses Youth Ministry, success stories, mission trips, brokenness and THRIVE: the online community for Youth Ministers.  This is also a must watch video.  Michael is a great guy with a fantastic insight in to youth.  Once my wife and I were going to meet Michael for dinner and I told her not to let his long scraggly hair fool you.  He is a gentle man in love with Jesus.  Watch the video and you will see what I mean.

After watching the videos, click on question 1: Does God exist?  This will open up the lesson which begins with a story.  After reading the story, make sure you go over the reflection questions.  After doing that, there is another video which in a few minutes covers St. Thomas Aquinas’ Argument from Motion.  The video is fast, cute and accurate and would appeal to today’s youth.  After watching the video, there are references to read from the YOUCAT.  Following that are questions to answer and the call to journal.   You can then continue to the next questions.

I found the experience very uplifting.  The video quality is great and the music is youthful and enjoyable.  The stories and reflections and questions all help in giving an overall answer to each question.  I particularly liked the videos from many different people.  The workbook is done very well.  It certainly reflects each level and question.  In itself, it is a great learning tool.  The online version is what makes this program so good.  I am familiar with other online teaching courses and am currently a member of both Taylor Marshall’s New Saint Thomas Institute and Brandon Vogt’s Claritas U.  I love both of those and have now found another to love.  I would most certainly highly recommend T.J. Burdick’s new LIT program from his Dominican Institute.  Try it out; you will be glad you did.

Deacon Marty McIndoe was in the first class of deacons for the Diocese of Rockville Centre on Long Island, New York.  His primary ministry is to his parish of St. Francis de Sales in Patchogue, NY.  Deacon Marty heads the RCIA program and is very involved in Adult Education within the parish.  He has also worked in Marriage Preparation, Parish Outreach, Liturgy, Religious Education and numerous liturgical functions.  Deacon Marty converted in 1972 from being a Methodist.  He has been involved in the Charismatic Renewal and is a speaker at several other parishes and events and leads retreats.  He and his wife, Martha, have one daughter (a miracle child) and three grandsons.  Deacon Marty runs GROWING IN OUR CATHOLIC FAITH blog at www.deaconmarty.com.