Little Girl Has a Message for Michelle Obama


My daughter loves all things Disney. It used to be Disney Jr., but now she’s getting a little bit older and is exploring more of the kid comedy shows like Jessie, Dog with a Blog, etc. She was watching Jessie one day and Grace was so excited! They had been announcing that the First Lady would be on several Disney shows and she just thought that was so awesome.

I remember being a kid when Nancy Reagan was the First Lady. I thought she was so classy. She always looked beautiful, always had the prettiest clothes…and sometimes she wore gloves, which I thought was very classy.

So I understood why Grace was excited to see Michelle Obama on television. I remembered my own fascination with the First Ladies of my childhood.

After the show was over, Grace looked at me and asked, “Mommy, does Michelle Obama think abortion is okay.” Oh man. I didn’t want to bust her First Lady bubble, but I had to be honest. “Yes, Grace. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama and her husband, the President, support abortion.”

I felt so bad. I could see the disappointment in her face and I could hear it in her voice when she simply replied, “That makes me sad.”

A couple days later, we were in the car and she proclaimed that she wanted to meet Michelle Obama. I can’t say I was surprised. I figured she had been rolling our conversation over and over again in her head. I asked her why she wanted to meet the First Lady and she answered very clearly, “I have to tell her that abortion is wrong and that is hurts babies. I also want to tell her that when she believes in something other people will believe in it, too, and no one should believe in abortion.” She then told me that she wanted to do a video so I could put it on Facebook in hopes that it would reach the eyes of our First Lady and her husband.

And before you say that the Obama’s aren’t our “rulers.” Yes, in theory, that is correct. But in practice, they really do act like rulers. It’s no wonder that Grace confused the word “leader” for “ruler.”


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