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Lives of the Saints Through Disney Princesses

Disney owns everything, it seems.  But I bet you didn’t know the Disney Princesses loved the saints or that they had anything in common, did you? Here they are, explaining some of their favorites.

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St. Maria Goretti

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In a similar manner to the Evil Queen chasing down Snow White and trying to kill her, all because Snow White was much more fair (read not only beautiful but pure and innocent), St. Maria Goretti was martyred for her purity because she would not succumb to her attacker’s advances.

St. Christina the Astonishing

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Death becomes these ladies- and they trample right over it, with the help of grace (or a gift from a good fairy, pretty close)! As a young adult, St. Christina once appeared to have died. When Mass was being said for her, her body suddenly soared to the top of the roof of the Church. She came down only when the priest ordered her to.

St. Germaine Cousin

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Both of these ladies were orphaned early on and had step-mothers and step-siblings who hated them and forced them to work for a living under very harsh conditions. St. Germaine once brought her step-mother a bundle of beautiful flowers, that were not in bloom during the current winter, with the message that God forgave her (St. Germaine forgave her too, FYI).

St. Joan of Arc

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Pretty much ’nuff said, right?

St. Clare

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She’s a rebel and she knows it.  Right on, St. Clare!

St. Maximilian Kolbe

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Belle exchanged her life for the life of her father, turning herself over to the Beast, not knowing what would become of her. St. Maximilian Kolbe exchanged his life for the life of another prisoner, who was able to survive the Holocaust and reunite with his family, knowing that his reward was eternal and that God would not forsake him. These peeps have guts…and real, true love!


St. Agnes

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There is a story that says when St. Agnes was stripped naked to be martyred, she valued her purity so much and was so given over to God, that her hair grew long enough to cover her entire body from sight, instantly. Kinda like magic, glowing, healing hair- except of the spiritual kind.


St. Joseph Cupertino

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