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Living Justice for Ourselves and Others

Justice is one of the four cardinal virtues of our Catholic Faith. Justice is the moral virtue that consists in the firm and constant will to give their due to God and neighbor. As people of faith, living out and seeking justice in our world is an obligation to do good. It is not only in doing good and seeking it for us, but for others. Living and caring about the social justice issues of the church is what we are called to do. How can we best live out a just life and seek justice for others in our daily journey?


In our prayers to the holy spirit, we ask the lord to guide us in justice as a virtue. When we ponder the word “justice” thoughts of the judicial system and of the fair treatment of others come to mind. We are part of that picture since collectively we can seek justice for others when we see something unjust happening to them. Through prayer and discernment, we can see what we can do in terms of creating or more just society not only for ourselves but for all those around us.

The little ways of faith

There is the big picture of justice which we must all pray and strive for, and there are the little ways of daily living which will also help us. In family life, we come face to face with justice in the way that we react and live with family members. At times it is challenging to decide on what is fair and just as parents. When we pray to our lord for guidance in making good decisions which affect outcomes for those around us, we can be guided by his spirit in order be guided correctly.

How can we know what is just?

Jesus was always concerned for the welfare of others but especially the poor and marginalized. There are people in our own lives who have had to live with the unfairness of life without support. Through our prayers, our care, and our love we can be there for them. We can exercise justice by loving and caring for the marginalized in our own lives. This is doing what is just in the eyes of God.

The Lord will guide us daily in being people of justice both in prayer and in our daily lifestyle. When we pray and open our hearts to his will, we will find ways that we can exercise justice to those who have had many strikes against them. We can be people of peace of justice.

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