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Look at this Uno-Liturgy Mashup Card Game!

From My Catholic Kids, who’ve brought us many wonderful editions of Fishing for Saints, comes a new Catholic card game: Unus Deus. It’s based on the classic game Uno but with a liturgical twist.

Each card in the Unus Deus deck contains one of the liturgical colors of the Church and a symbol of the Faith. Each deck also contains a story card to explain the colors and symbols.

Colors included are green (Ordinary Time), rose (Advent), white (Christmas), purple (Lent), and gold (Easter). Obviously, since most of the year is spent in Ordinary Time, there are more green cards than the others! But each season is well-represented.

Included liturgical symbols are the chalice, monstrance, altar, cross, confessional, crown, vestments, stained glass window, and candle. Do you know the meaning behind each of these symbols? Learn alongside the kids!

Game play is similar to Uno and the winner is decided by who successfully gets rid of all the cards in his/her hand first. It’s this combining of familiar game play with Catholic information that’s really genius here; it makes the game easy to pick up so you can get right to the fun and learning!

Let’s hear the creator tell you about it in her own words.

Currently, Unus Deus is a pipe dream of My Catholic Kids. They’ve begun a kickstarter to get the funds to fully create this game and share it with the Catholic world. Head over to their kickstarter page to become a backer and help this super fun game become a reality!