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What It Looks Like When Parents Are Supported By Their Parish

Have you ever been to a Baptism in Catholic Mass? One of the things we agree to do as a congregation is to raise these children in the Catholic Faith and to encourage their parents to do the same. It is a heavy responsibility that God puts on parents. A blessing and a joy, but also challenging. This is why we HAVE to be supported by the entire parish. This is what it looks like when the congregation comes together to bring our children up in the Church.

You wake up in the morning thinking, “I CAN DO THIS!!!”

The hardest part of going to Mass with kids is preparing your heart, mind, and soul for what is about to happen. We have to do it though. Knowing that I am supported by the people at our parish makes all the baths, fighting to get pants on my kids, and rushing to load them into the van that much more of a joy.

Strangers Become Friends

I can’t tell you how many complete strangers have held my kids in Mass. Next thing you know, we have a lunch date planned with that stranger. It’s a fun way to meet people.

Families Keep Coming Back

First impressions are everything. I have heard from plenty of parents that felt their children were not welcome visiting certain parishes. That is a horrible feeling. When parents know they are welcome no matter how crazy/normal their kids are going to act… that’s a church worth sticking with.


Kids Get Involved

Getting the kids involved as early as possible is very much encouraged at most parishes. If there aren’t enough alter servers at Mass, you better believe or priest is going to call us out on it. I love that if our children want to do anything, from choir to volunteering, they will never be turned down.


Your Priest Cracks A Smile

I love our priest. He has very high standards, especially when it comes to the Eucharist. He never smiles. He stays completely focused on his task… as he should. But, I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to see him crack a smile at me leading┬ámy five rambunctious kiddos to receive the Eucharist. Now, when he sees us coming, he smiles and comes closer to us in an attempt to make things easier. He’s a good man.


People Go From Distracted To Immersed

At the beginning of Mass, when they tell you to greet your neighbors, I always turn around and tell everyone we are going to be a distraction. It usually gets a laugh. I think it also lets people know that I am fully aware of my children’s behavior. You can either get upset about it or help out. It’s not easy to sit through Mass with a bunch of 1-4 year olds acting like 1-4 year olds. We are doing our best, and I prefer to have a sense of humor about it.


It Gets Loud

How does that quote go?… “A quiet church is a dying church”


People Give Supportive Comments

There is nothing like a pat on the back.


The Church Grows

Large families means more Catholics. Isn’t that the goal?


They Put Diapers & Wipes In the Bathrooms

This is Awesome!!! Just imagine walking into a bathroom with your kid and they have diapers in every size, and wipes. No diaper bag, no worries. Can’t find your spouse with the diaper bag, no biggie. It’s all there for you as if you were at home. Now that’s looking out for your neighbor.