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Mexican priest stabbed in violent attack

Mexico – A local Catholic priest is recovering in the hospital after he was stabbed in an attack at the Mexico Metropolitan Cathedral. The assailant attempted to slit Father Miguel Angel Machorro’s throat while he said Mass at the cathedral.

Authorities identified John René Rock Schild, 35 years old, as the attacker. He was caught as he fled the scene. A US national, Schild claims to be an artist and refuses to give Mexican authorities any information that could indicate his guilt. Upon being arrested, Schild declared he was not a Muslim nor did he belong to any Islamic movements.

In a radio interview on Tuesday morning, Archdiocesan spokesman Hugo Valdelomar gave more details about the violent attack. “After celebrating mass at the high altar, Father Miguel came down [to the pews] to bless worshipers with holy water,” Valdelomar said, “when he turned to walk back to the altar, the man stops him and tries to slit his throat. He grabbed his neck and tried to slit his throat.”

Father Machorro suffered from extensive wounds in the attack. The attacker was able to stab the main vein in the priest’s neck and dealt a serious wound to his lungs. “We practically lost him there,” Valdelomar said.

At the end of the interview, Valdelomar reiterated that in the history of the country of Mexico there had never been an attack on a priest or bishop in the Metropolitan Cathedral like that of the attack on Father Machorro.

Cardinal Norberto Rivera, the Archbishop of Mexico City urged Catholics to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the healthy recover of Father Machorro. At the last update, Father Machorro had been airlifted to the hospital.  His condition was described as “delicate but stable.”