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Navigating the Tiber: one of the most important Catholic books you can buy

Devin Rose is all about groundbreaking. If you didn’t read the amazing work he did in The Protestant’s Dilemma, go ahead and add that to your cart as well. This book is a game changer, and frankly, as I turned the first several pages I was wondering why this book was only just published. What I mean is, this book fills such a huge need in our Church that’s it’s amazing that it hasn’t already been done. But that’s what Devin is in the business of doing: breaking new ground.

Unlike most books about Catholic apologetics where the “how” is generally built around defense (as they should be) and responding to questions about the faith, this book is devoted not just to explaining how to talk about the faith, but more importantly, how to *guide* someone to the fullness of the Catholic Church.

With the former kind of book, a Catholic has to read, re-read, and study all those questions banking on the assumption that they will get asked only those questions without thinking of who is asking or when they’ll ask that question. But with Devin’s book, anyone can help their friends Navigate the Tiber by knowing what to expect, how to respond, and what NOT to say.

I like to think of Navigating the Tiber like one of those fiction books I read as a kid that had alternate story lines, and alternate endings. Devin’s book tackles just about any sort of situation, from the faith and background of your friend, their specific questions and objections, and what to expect them to say/do in return. All of this is done in the hope that you might bring your friends into the Catholic Church with love.

This book is not just great, it’s one of the most important books of our time because it’s not just about winning arguments, but winning souls with a set-by-step formula.

Get you copy on today.