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New (Better?) Theme Ideas for Catechetical Sunday 2020

The USCCB’s theme and logo for Catechetical Sunday 2019 was met with disappointment . . . to put it mildly. Here it is, in case you missed it:

“Stay with us” . . . ? That’s the message we’re supposed to deliver on day one?

Well, in the hopes of avoiding a similar response next year, I have come up with some ideas for the USCCB to consider.

Someone should probably improve on my artwork if this one is chosen

Putting the focus on the Eucharist

John 14:6

Why Jesus came

A reminder we need to nourish more than our bodies

Emphasizing that Jesus died for YOU! Yes, you reading this. Jesus died for YOU

Putting the focus on Christ’s sacrifice

I think there is a Bible verse talking about how we are sanctified in truth…

This is what love looks like

The harsh reality of love

Emphasizing the fact that the fullness of truth lies in Catholicism

The English translation of the title of a JPII encyclical

Uncle Sam is pointing at you because you have ears!

Do you like how I redesigned his outfit?

A literal narrow gate symbolizing the metaphorical narrow gate about which Jesus spoke

What do YOU think next year’s theme should be? Let us know in the comments below!