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Why Every Catholic Mother Needs Bilocation!

Being a busy mom of four young ones, there are many times when I am needed at two (or more) places at the same time. Most of the time, I can work it out so my husband can go to one place and me the other, but there are times when I have to choose one over the other—and then the kids fight about being their favorite—it’s  a mess! I joke about being cloned, but there are many saints who were able to bilocate and get both God’s work done in multiple places at the same time. St. Padre Pio has the most recent documented case of bilocation in the 1900’s but there’s also St. John Bosco, Fr. Paul of Moll, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Anthony of Padua to name a few.

So, just what could I do with this mystical gift . . .

Go to Mass and cook Sunday dinner

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Yes, I can do both, but that means getting up really early to start dinner, spending the hour with God then going back to “work” getting everything ready for the feast. I say, why not get them done at the same time.


Watch the soccer game and go to Adoration

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Yes, many times there is prayer at the soccer game, but it’s just not the same.


Say the rosary and make it to parent-teacher conferences

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With four p-t conferences at three different schools, it is a small miracle to make it to all of them on time! Why not throw in a rosary too.


Reconciliation and clean up the kitchen

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Trust me, I need to go to reconciliation after cleaning my kitchen (there is a lot of grumbling), why not get’er done at the same time!


Teach Religious Formation and take a kid to the doctor

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Yes, with four, odds are someone needs to go to the doctor, and our doctor just doesn’t always accommodate my busy schedule.


Say my prayers before bed and comfort bad dreams

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Being interrupted during my bedtime routine with someone’s achy stomach or bad dream is a nightly occurrence in my house. Actually while I’m thinking about it, it’d be nice to be able to get my sleep in too.


Get the shopping done and all of the housework

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OK, so this one is for me, but I have a good intention – so that I have more time to spend with the family doing all the things we love together.

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Yeah, bilocation could be pretty cool! What would you get done???