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Our True King in Wake of the Elections

As the United States is still trying to confirm the general elections of who will be inaugurated president come January, let us run quickly back through history at a few of our leaders and discover who really is in control.

This is by no means trying to compare our current president nor our future presidents to these past historical leaders.

King Herod

There were many bad kings over Judah written in the Bible, but Herod stands out because he was the first to try and kill Jesus when he was just a baby during the Massacre of the Innocents.

Who reigned supreme…

Yes, Jesus, Our King

Attila the Hun

As leader of the Huns, he conquered the land of Hungary, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Balkans. He was unsuccessful when trying to invade past northern Italy into Rome. He planned to continue to attack Rome when he died (as all kings of the earth do), and the Hunnic empire soon collapsed.

Who still ruled over the world…

Yes, Jesus, Our King of Kings

Genghis Khan

He was the first leader of the Khans and the Mongol Empire, he brutally killed millions as he overtook the land of China, Korea, Central Asia, and portions of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. Upon his death (yep, he died too), the empire was divided among his sons.

Who was there watching over us…

Jesus, the Lord of lords

King Henry VIII

Anyone who King Henry deemed to be a threat to him, from lovers to countries, to Christians, he would have executed. His policy was responsible for the murder or martyrdom of thousands of people and clergy in the most gruesome ways.

Who remained our King…

Yep, Jesus

Queen Mary I

The only child of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, Mary I brought Catholicism back to England but persecuted the Protestants, burning them at the stake trying to reverse the English Reformation. After she died, her younger half-sister, Elizabeth I, became queen and reversed the re-establishment of Roman Catholicism, instead making the Church of England the official religion.

Who remained ruler over all…

Christ, Our King

Karl Marx

Marx was a German philosopher who’s ideas led to what is known as Marxism, dividing peoples into the ruling classes who control the working classes. This led more evil and deadly leaders such as Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, and others who adopted his socialist and communist views. This led to mass economic depression and lack of innovation, labor camps and starvation, revolutions and wars during revolts of the working class from the ruling class.

While humans took away freedom, who gives us total freedom…

Jesus Christ

Adolf Hitler

Leader of the Nazi party, he rallied the German people into fighting for domination over other nations and ethnic cleansing which led to the death of over 6 million Jews and millions of others who he deemed ‘subhuman’.

When earthly leaders did not feel equal with others, who lowered himself to become like one of us, to live and die like one of us, so that we our sins would be covered by his sacrifice…

Christ, the King of kings.

We will always have leaders and ‘kings’ who will lead us on Earth, some will do good for their people, and some will do bad, and may cause suffering and death. We must always remember that Christ is our King. It is him alone that we should look up to and who alone deserves our worship, not the leaders of this world. We are beholden to them, just as the Jewish people were beholden to the Roman Caesars, but remember their place in the world and the place Jesus has before them.

The Sunday before the start of Advent (the last Sunday in ordinary time), we celebrate Christ the King to remember this fact: Jesus alone is our King, and we look forward to the second coming of our King which we also remember four weeks later on Christmas.