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10 Useful Prayers for the Busy Seasons of Life

No matter how crazy and hectic your life is, you still need to pray. Here are ten prayers you can pray regardless of how full your schedule is.

Pray them at the stoplight, while you’re pouring your morning coffee, or while putting the kids to bed.


1. “Jesus, I trust in you”

Found at the bottom of every depiction the Divine Mercy image, this prayer is short and sweet.


2. “Jesus, Mary, Joseph”

In a season of life when littles are running around you and you wonder if your family will ever be more holy then hectic? Turn to the Holy Family with this quick prayer.


3. The Sign of the Cross

More than just bookends for your prayer, the sign of the cross is a prayer in and of itself.

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4. “Mary, Virgin Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me”

Our Heavenly Mother knows what we need throughout the day. She also is close to the heart of Jesus. Say this quick prayer to petition her to turn to the Lord for you.


5. “Lord, I offer this day up to you”

Before you roll out of bed (and check your phone, let’s be honest), take time to say this quick morning offering. Even if the day is chock full with things to do and to-do lists to complete, dedicating your morning to the Lord is always a good place to start.


6. “O God, be merciful to me, a sinner”

Been feeling like the tax collector in the Gospels lately, standing away from the Lord at a distance? This short sentence is a great place to start a prayer.


7. “Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever” 

In Latin, “Laudetur Jesus Christus,” is a traditional Roman Catholic greeting commonly used among members of different religious communities. “In saecula saeculorum” is usually the answer given in response, which means “Now and forever, amen!”

Regardless of whether you’re greeting people with this short prayer or not, it’s a great reminder to glorify the Lord’s name with your actions throughout the day.


8. “Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us”

Calling to mind the mystery of the Trinity, this short prayer invokes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all at once.


9. “Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in you”

Christ offers us his Sacred Heart, and there’s not better place to place our trust.


10.  “My Lord and my God”

First uttered by Saint Thomas in response to the wounds of Christ, this is a beautiful prayer to pray throughout the day. It’s also a great prayer to say on your way to receive Holy Communion.