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Quit Your New Year’s Resolution Already? Get Motivation From This NFL Superstar

With the new year we are always trying to start over. Especially as we enter a new decade, we look back at what we accomplished and where we might have fallen short. We also should consider our spiritual fitness, which is what former all-pro wide receiver Danny Abramowicz writes in his new book, The Road To Spiritual Fitness. While it focuses on the men, we can all be successful spiritual athletes.

Step 1 – Our call to holiness

Hopefully we are not at rock bottom when we realize we have to rely on God alone. It isn’t easy to admit or giving in may feel like giving up, but what it means is giving everything to God. We are called to be holy, and the only way to do this is by first learning what holiness is through study, prayer and Holy Eucharist.

Step 2 – God’s winning formula

Abramowicz puts together a simple yet deep plan of the Four W’s for our lives: the Will of God, the Word of God, our Witness for Christ, and our Winning Crown. These four profound W’s can be transforming if and when we apply them to our daily lives.

Step 3 – Prayers and promises

Through confirming what we believe through prayer and studying the promises given to us in the Holy Bible we can finally realize we are all children of God, although adopted, all co-heires of the Kingdom. Start living like it!

Step 4 – Live by godly principles

Abramowicz gives us fourteen key principles to follow God in every moment. These include, loving one another, being honest in all things, being spiritually self-reliant and loving yourself. Just focusing upon these spiritual exercises will burn the fat of sin!

Step 5 – Create a plan

Abramowicz gives us what he does, but as a professional athlete, he understands that we all must have our own exercises to be successful. He gives us the building blocks, those starting exercises, so we can go off and develop our own spiritual exercises to lead a life of holiness.

I can’t think of a better way to start off a new year, a new decade, than to exercise through prayer and following God’s Word. Danny Abramowicz sets out to motivate us and give us the key tools he developed to grow closer to God in his own life. Check out his new book The Road To Spiritual Fitness and use the Holy Spirit as your personal trainer and whip your spiritual life into shape.