Quiz: Monks or Friars?

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  • TanichcaF


    • Shaun McAfee

      me too, :/

  • ME

    I got but a lowly 2 correct. 🙁 Guess there’s a reason I never checked into the possibility of consecrated life.

  • Paula Moore


  • ElizD

    7/7 “you are a master of religious order knowledge!” lol. GREAT quiz. Lots of people have no idea the difference between monks and friars, or which orders have which. Now, surely you will also have a “nuns or sisters?” quiz, but that is much more complicated, after all there are Dominican nuns and Dominican sisters, Camelite nuns and Carmelite sisters, etc. By the way, although Ancient Observance Carmelite and Discalced Carmelite men are friars, the “Carmelite Monks of Wyoming” who roast coffee are an entirely new diocesan right group that is monastic in character and not mendicant. They were founded by an Ancient Observance Carmelite but are not part of either of the main branches of the Carmelites and they are not friars.

  • Rob B.

    I screwed up the Carmelites… 🙁