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Religious Vocations Aren’t Dead, and Here Are 12 Tweets That Prove It

When you bring up the topic of religious vocations, you may be met with doom and gloom comments about how “no one is discerning their vocation anymore.”

National Vocation Awareness Week is celebrated November 4th through the 10th, and this week we’re celebrating those who live out their religious vocations joyfully and beautifully over on #CatholicTwitter.

Great news! Religious vocations still exist! Here are our favorite tweets that prove that religious vocations are alive and kickin’.


1. Father Kyle Manno’s vocation story


2. These 42 people who discerned vocations in Europe this year 


3. This real look at postulancy 


4. These nine new priests 


5. These nuns who formed a band: “Force of Habit”


6. This Twitter user’s experience after a weekend with religious sisters


7. This smiling sister kicking off Vocations Awareness Week


8. This Pauline sister bringing Christ to all


9. These women on retreat with the Salesian sisters


10. This priestly encouragement 


11. The #discernmentstruggle


12. This sister who left everything behind